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Are False Lashes Damaging?

If you’re a fan of false eyelashes to really bring a makeup look together, then you know there are a lot of options out there. Whether your favourite falsies are mink, faux mink, silk, wispies, or individuals - there’s an option to satisfy everyone. But have you ever wondered what you might be doing to your eyelashes (and eyelids!) every time you wear false lashes?

There’s good reason false eyelashes are the most popular way to add drama to a makeup look - when applied correctly, they’re placed as close as possible to the lashline. This creates the illusion that they actually are your natural eyelashes and that you woke up with these gorgeous, fluttery lashes. I mean - who doesn’t want that?

But the thing is, could you be doing more harm than good by wearing false eyelashes? Let’s look into it further with 4 ways that false eyelashes could be damaging - and not just to your eyelashes, to your eyes.

Eyelash Glue

It’s no secret that eyelash glue is designed to last for a long time - they're usually waterproof and extremely long wearing to avoid eyelashes coming off before you're ready to take them off. No one wants a visibly droopy fake eyelash - but what about long-term? Eyelash glues are usually latex-based - latex is actually a type of rubber. If you think about it, is that something that should be around such a delicate area? While there are definitely latex-free eyelash glues, the fact that something that's basically glue on your eyelashes could cause some damage by being difficult to remove. Even if you've removed all of your makeup, traces of lash glue could be left behind on your lashes - this could irritate your eyes and get in the way of healthy lash growth.  

Application Technique

I’m sure you’ve seen the ‘beauty hack’ of putting false eyelashes under your natural lashes - this is an awful idea for so many reasons! While it’s not strictly damaging to your eyelashes, it poses a huge risk for your eyes themselves.

When you put a lash band under your lash line, you could cause a whole lot of issues. The band of your false lashes could keep rubbing against your eye calling what doctors call a corneal abrasion - basically, it’s damage to the delicate layer in the front of your eye. If this gets damaged, it could lead to blindness - it’s not worth losing eyesight just for more natural-looking false eyelashes! If you must use false eyelashes, always apply them above your lash line - just as they were designed to be used.

Removal Technique

While there is something satisfying about the look of peeling strip lashes off, it’s an awful idea in the long run. Not only could it damage your eyelashes, but cause premature wrinkles by tugging and pulling on the delicate eye area.

To avoid damage, false lash glue should always be loosened with an oil-based makeup remover, and then slowly pulled off as the lashes loosen up. When they get pulled on, they do come off - but sometimes they pull off your real lashes too.

Not to mention how painful this must be, it’s easy to see how this can become a bit of a dangerous cycle. If you feel like your lashes are sparse, you might feel like you have to wear false eyelashes all the time. But if you keep just pulling them off, you keep stressing and pulling on your natural lashes, making them look even sparser!

Using Dirty False Eyelashes

This is a big one - while it's no secret that eyelashes are reusable, are they being cleaned properly before use? By the end of the night, false lashes have a combination of glue, mascara, makeup, and maybe even some natural skin oils building up on them. Sounds kinda gross, right? But how often have you worn lashes time and time again… without cleaning them?

Using dirty eyelashes can cause irritation on your eyelids (like a stye) and even cause an eye infection. If your eye or eyelid is infected, there’s no way you can ensure that your eyelashes look healthy and full. 

What’s the alternative?

If you’re looking for a way to get the look of lush false eyelashes, without having to actually use them - an eyelash serum might be your answer. Eyelash serums are formulated to be eye-safe and strengthen eyelashes from root to tip, for gorgeous eyelashes that are 100% your own!

A good eyelash serum may help support new growth, creating volume in your own lashes that will rival your old favourite pair of false lashes. They can also help boost length for lashes that tickle your eyebrows (okay, maybe not that long) but you’ll notice that they’re definitely longer. After a few swipes of mascara and flawless eyeliner, your lashes will look better than falsies - all thanks to an incredibly effective lash serum. UkLash is one of  the #1 top rated lash serums in the world. 

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