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How This Underpriced Vitamin Infusion Saved My Lashes After Expensive Treatments Ruined Them

And I got to relive my long-lashed days in just a few weeks (without the damage!)

Hey, I’m Samantha, and I definitely wasn’t blessed with superwoman genetics when it comes to hair.

But while I eventually learned to deal with the fine, pin-straight strands on my head, my sparse and short lashes have always left me desiring for more.

It’s not that I dislike my eyes. Quite the opposite, actually.

I just think my gaze looks better framed by a luscious set of long, jet-black wispies.

I’ve tried a fair share of things (with a few disasters along the way) until I finally settled on a method that works for me…

It’s cheaper than the alternatives, way more effective, and friendlier to my eyes and the environment.

And I’m here to share my journey with you today — the great, the terrible, and the ugly.

But if you’re only here for the solution, not my sob story, click here to find out.

Confession time…

Just like most women in their 30s, I’m BUSY.

That means I’m also really into saving time. Many of my hair, skin and nail rituals revolve around streamlining my beauty routine.

If having a wash & blow dry at the salon 1x a week means I can use this hour to answer emails on my phone — I’m game.

If getting monthly shellac gel nails at a nail bar allows me to spend my free time relaxing on the sofa, hanging out with friends, or doing some occasional yoga — it’s worth it to me.

So… It makes absolute sense that I was looking for something to spice up my lashes without having to glue on falsies or apply 5 coats of mascara every single day.

Something a little more… permanent.

That’s when I turned to eyelash extensions.

I didn’t know this would be the beginning of the end.

Like many first-timers, I began with the “classic” lash extension style, which gave me a natural look. Just a little extra length and definition. A little bit of a curl.

And I LOVED them. They were everything that I wanted my natural lashes to be…

I followed all of the instructions and was back in the salon a month later.

This marked an addiction to something that gave me the results I always wanted (because I didn’t know there was another way to achieve them).

Rinse & repeat for 6 months until my beloved lash tech fell ill… right before my best friend’s wedding.

I was scrambling. The ceremony was in 3 days, and one by one, my eyelashes were washing down the drain every evening. My luscious set was turning into a collection of scraggly, uneven spikes.

Thinking about it now, I could’ve just worn falsies… But something came over me.

I was determined to feel the “new set — new me” high once again.

So, instead of waiting for my lash tech to recover, I went to the only place with a free spot.

An at-home salon with no reviews.

Let me repeat.

Three days before my best friend’s wedding, I went to an at-home salon with no reviews!

I’m not saying that at-home salons are bad or that having no reviews means you’re a bad tech. Everyone starts somewhere, and building a good reputation takes time.

All I’m saying is that I was desperate for a solution right there, right then. And that clouded my judgment.

And guess what? It didn’t go well.

Well, the first red flag was the pain.

My eyes were burning during the procedure, which I told the tech about. She tried adjusting something, but my eyes were still on fire…

In my hazed state, I just decided to grin and bear it. The application process lasted a bit less than an hour, and then…

It turned out that some of my upper and bottom lashes were STUCK TOGETHER.

“For crying out loud”, I thought. The tech had effectively glued my eyes shut.

She told me not to move, and then went in with what I assumed to be manicure scissors… it was intense.

After paying £80 for the service, I was left with heavy, clumpy, and glue-y eyelashes.

I know I wasn’t supposed to get the lashes wet, but they were so uncomfortable that I cried.

But the worst was yet to come…

A couple of days after the ceremony, my lashes started falling out in clumps.

Not just the faux ones — my real ones, too.

It was horrifying. I tried removing them, hoping to save what was left of my already thin lashes…

But it was just impossible. More and more hairs came out, and I was left with visible gaps in my lash line.


Before Eyelashes - UKLASH lash growth serum

I was devastated and swore off lash extensions forever… If I was ever able to grow them back.

Of course, I turned to Google.

“How do I regrow my sparse, short lashes?”

“Use an eyelash serum” was the obvious suggestion.

And I was seriously considering it, but the serum of my dreams had to comply with a few criteria:

#1 It had to have active ingredients.

Look, I’m here for results. 

After all, eyelashes are just like hair – no amount of regular conditioner will make it grow faster. But some active ingredients are actually proven to stimulate growth.

#2 It had to work for sensitive eyes.

Unfortunately, my eyes don’t respond well to oils (and I wear contacts), so DIY castor oil concoctions were out of the question for me…

Ideally, I was looking for something that would be oil, paraben, and fragrance-free.

#3 It had to have reputable reviews with before & after pictures.

I was very wary since my experience with the lash tech.

I didn’t want to go through a bunch of trial & error to find the thing that works for me.

And thankfully, I didn’t have to.

Here I am, 12 weeks later, and with a set of gap-less wispies that look way better than they did before I even got my first set of extensions…

All thanks to the vitamin-filled extract that fits ALL of my above criteria — the Uklash Eyelash Serum.

It’s infused with a blend of vitamins, peptides, and powerful plant extracts (like green tea) to help nourish the lashes and help them grow…

It has two types of peptides, which can support and stimulate keratin — the protein that makes up most of the eyelash.

Panthenol is supposed to prevent breakage and brittleness, while the antioxidant properties of green tea extract can boost circulation and stimulate further growth.

A bunch of positive reviews with promising pictures gave me the courage to try it out.

UKLASH Eyelash Growth Serum UKBROW Eyebrow Growth Hair Serum

Here are just a few of them (rated 4.8/5 from 31,560 reviews):

“It really does work! I fully expected it not to, but I’m amazed at how good it is. I used to wear extensions, but I’ve stopped as my lashes look better now than with them!” — Jane J.

“My lashes have gotten very short in my aging years, but I didn't want to go down the extensions route. I did some research, read reviews, and decided to try Uklash. Wow, I am blown away by the results in less than 8 weeks. I have no idea how this works, but it does. I am thrilled and will continue using Uklash from here on in!” — Ceri.

“I’m an Asian French girl, so I don’t have a lot of lashes, and after one month, I can see the difference with and without the mascara.” — Soso.

And now, time for my results:


UKLASH Eyelashes After - Lash growth serum

If you compare this to the picture I showed you earlier — it’s night and day.

The difference is definitely noticeable not just by me, but my girlfriends as well…

And all I did was one stroke of UKLASH on my upper lash line once a day.

I fully expected it to take a while to see change, but it came sooner than I thought!

My lashes first started responding around the 4-week mark, but the beauty of the results fully flourished about a month later.

Now they’re fuller, longer, and stronger – and I’m confident without mascara. This serum has saved me so much time and money in the long run!

Honestly, I couldn’t recommend it more. You can read about it and get more info if you click below:

With the results I achieved in the span of only a few weeks… Frankly, I think this serum is underpriced. 

A 3-month supply is only £38, which is way cheaper than my monthly lash appointment.

Not to mention that my lashes won’t be going down the drain anymore!

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