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How Do I Choose The Right Mascara?

There are so many mascaras out there to choose from - curling, waterproof, brightly coloured, thickening - it’s hard to know which one is right for you. What makes a good mascara? Well, there are multiple things to consider - the type of bristles the brush has, whether or not it’s waterproof, and even if the formula contains lash-conditioning ingredients. Here’s our guide to choosing the right mascara for you!

Should You Use Waterproof Mascara?

This is a dilemma that most have faced when it comes to choosing mascara: to go waterproof or not?

It’s a crucial question that can make a huge difference to your lashes. The benefits of using a non-waterproof mascara include easier makeup removal, but that’s at the risk of mascara that flakes off and more easily turns into the ‘panda eye’ makeup look than waterproof mascara.

One of the major benefits of waterproof mascara is, well, that it’s waterproof - you don’t have to worry about rain (or tears!) smudging your makeup look. However, there’s one hidden bonus to waterproof mascara that many might not realise - it helps your eyelashes stay curled!

If you have stubborn eyelashes that seem to poke straight no matter how you curl them, try waterproof mascara. The waxes in waterproof mascara are able to easily hold your curl in place and stop them from straightening out as the day goes by for fluttery lashes, all day long!

Does the Mascara Brush Matter?

Some mascara brushes look like medical torture instruments, while others have the classic brush bristles that we normally associate with mascara. However, do these bristles really make a difference?

The truth is, yes, they do. Mascara brushes that look like a little plastic comb are ideal for lash lengthening and separation, defining each individual lash while not necessarily adding volume.

A fat and fluffy brush yields fluffy, fluttery lashes - yet without much definition. While this adds volume to wispy lashes, for some, these brushes don’t have enough control to define each lash and can lead to clumpy, spidery lashes.

The ideal lash brush is something in between - curved to coat every lash from root to tip, while fluffy enough to add volume to lashes.

Should My Mascara Condition My Eyelashes?

Regular mascaras from the high street can sometimes do more harm than good to our delicate eyelashes - if formulated without conditioning ingredients, a poorly formulated mascara can cause lashes to become brittle and prone to breaking off - not ideal. This leaves many feeling as though their lashes ‘never grow’ when in truth, their lashes are actually longer than they realise. Conditioning lash ingredients include Vitamin E, Vitamin B5, and even conditioning plant oils - they all help lashes to stay healthy and moisturised and never compromised by makeup!

Which Colour Mascara Should I Use?

While brightly-coloured mascaras look fun, they can be over the top for daily use - they’re better off saved for fancy dress parties. That leaves two classic shades: black and brown. Is one better than the other?

Brown is considered the softer of the two colours and can look more natural - depending on skin tone and hair colour. However, brown can be harder to get right in comparison to black mascara! If formulated with the wrong undertones, brown mascara can either look too red or too ashy - tones that can make eyelashes look a little bit unnatural and off.

Black is considered the universally flattering mascara shade, perfectly complimenting all makeup looks; it makes lashes look defined and lengthened, working with all skin tones and hair colours. Black mascara is the safest bet, working alongside all makeup looks - no matter how elaborate or how simple!

Our Uklash Volume Booster Mascara volumises lashes, thickening them at the root while creating lasting curl and definition. It’s formulated with a long-lasting waterproof formula that won’t flake or smudge, plus infuses lashes with conditioning ingredients to support healthy lashes.

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