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FAQ About Hair Gummies

I know what you’re thinking - you want to take hair gummies for your hair, but you have so many questions about them. From things like how many you’re supposed to take to are they really going to help with hair damage - don’t worry, you’re not the only one wondering! Just like with any other kind of beauty product, there are so many questions that people have about hair gummies. Here’s a round up of several common questions about hair gummies.

  • Will Hair Gummies Make the Rest of My Body Hair Grow?

After all that talk about how hair vitamins are designed to influence hair follicles, it’s only natural to wonder if they’re going to make hair thicker and longer on the rest of your body. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that - it’s not going to make facial hair suddenly sprout thick and dark, or hair grow from places it didn’t before.

Changes like that are normally caused by hormones - since hair gummies are completely hormone-free supplements, it’s very, very unlikely that a hair growth vitamin would cause these types of changes in your body hair.

  • What Is the Recommended Dosage for Hair Gummies?

This varies by each brand, but is always labelled on the bottle. Our hair gummies have been formulated to at a dosage of two gummies per day for healthy hair growth.

  • My Hair Doesn’t Feel Any Different - Are the Gummies Working?

When it comes to hair vitamins, it’s important to remember that it’s starting to make changes internally - not externally. Claims that hair feels thicker and smoother just a few days after starting a hair vitamin are just not possible - the thing is, hair is dead as soon as it grows from the root.  

That means that even though your hair roots (and new hair growth) are benefiting from the hair vitamin, those benefits aren’t going to be enjoyed by the length of hair. It’s just not scientifically possible.

In the first few months of taking a hair vitamin, the first most visible benefit will be a change in length, and over a longer period of time, your hair will become thicker.

  • How Long Does it Take for Gummies to Work?

For best results, it takes around three months of taking supplements for results to show. Unlike eyelash or eyebrow hairs, the life cycle for head hair is much longer. Head hair spends much more time in the growth phase - an average of 3 - 5 years.

Because so much of head hair is in the growth stage at any given time, hair gummies get the best chance to work and the best chance to show real results in just a few months. One of the best ways to keep track of your progress is to take progress photos. For hair growth, a good frequency is every two weeks - make sure that you’re posing the same and taking the photo in similar lighting conditions to really see the changes!

  • Will Hair Gummies Repair My Damaged Hair?

When it comes to damaged hair, it’s a better idea to try and treat it with hair masks and conditioners - not with a hair gummy. Hair vitamins don’t have any effect on existing hair that’s already grown. For treating damaged hair, your best bet is to use nourishing masks and treatments - and maybe follow some of our best tips for healthy hair to get the best results from your hair vitamin.  

  • Are All Hair Gummies Vegan?

Not all of them are, but our ones are proudly vegan and halal. I know what you’re thinking - how does this matter? What difference does this make?

Here’s the thing - gummy candies have traditionally been made using animal-derived gelatin. To ensure that our product is suitable for all faiths and lifestyles, we’ve made our hair gummy vegan

  • Do Hair Gummies Help With Male Pattern Baldness?

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence to suggest that hair vitamins can help with male pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is usually caused by a combination of genetics and hormones - something that our supplement isn’t designed to treat nor can it claim to treat.

  • Does Taking Extra Gummies Give Me Faster Results?

I know - it’s really tempting to think that more always equals better, right? Here’s the thing: our hair growth supplement is designed to give you the perfect dose every day for healthier, longer hair. If you take more than you’re supposed to, results can’t be guaranteed - and neither can freedom of side effects.

It’s easy to think that just because it’s a vitamin, there aren’t as many side effects. However, taking too many vitamins can result in cramps, nausea, and upset stomach - just to name a few. When it comes to taking hair vitamins, stick to the recommended dosages and be patient - growing long, lush hair takes time!

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