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How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows In 4 Steps

Eyebrow trends come and go, but we’ve noticed that the popularity of thicker, fuller and healthier-looking brows is only increasing. If you’re someone who isn’t blessed with bold brows naturally, we’re here to help here at UKLASH. 
In this article, we’re going to break down how to get fuller eyebrows fast using a simple 4-step method that includes our best eyebrow products to assist you, tips for growing naturally fuller brows and how to keep them tame too. 

The Eyebrow Hair Growth Cycle
There are three stages in the Eyebrow Growth Cycle; Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.
- The Anagen Phase is the first step in the cycle. This is when the brows are growing, hence it being referred to as The Growth Phase. They then move into…
- The Catagen Phase. This is also known as the Transitional Phase as it is when the lashes have been disconnected from the blood supply and stop growing.
- The Telogen Phase, which is also referred to as the Resting Phase, is when the hairs stay in their follicles and eventually detach, making way for new growth when the cycle begins again.

How To Get Thicker Eyebrows in 4 Steps:

1. Use an Eyebrow Growth Serum
Like eyelash serums, eyebrow serums are designed to give our brows a little bit of help where we need it. Although many people may choose to use a cheaper alternative for growth, like castor oil for eyebrows, using a brow serum does more than just help boost growth - it conditions and smooths the brow hairs, encouraging them to grow in one direction and preventing them from breaking off. Breakage is one of the key contributors to hair looking thinner - no matter if it’s the hair on your head or your eyebrows! 
A well-formulated Eyebrow Serum might use a few different ingredients to support hair growth.
Our best-selling original Eyebrow Serum is packed with active ingredients and vitamins such as Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Green Tea extract, and Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 — an amino acid peptide known for encouraging keratin production, which benefits hair growth as our hair follicles are made up of around 80-90% keratin. 
We also offer our industry-leading Complex Peptide Eyebrow Serum, a world-first that packs six peptides in its advanced formula. This unique blend of peptides works to reduce tension at the root and prevent breakage, helping to prolong the hair life cycle. They also work as an anti-inflammatory blend that’s rich in amino acids, helping to rejuvenate, strengthen and stimulate the hair follicles, creating the perfect environment for thicker, fuller and healthier-looking brows.

2. Set your brows with an Eyebrow Gel
After your serum has fully dried, follow up with our Brow Gel Sculpt for an all-day hold with maximum volume. Firstly use the wand applicator to apply the clear-drying gel to the entire brow, working upwards to achieve a bold and clean finish. Secondly, use either the finer or wider brush that’s hidden within the Brow Gel Sculpt’s lid and comb hairs to smooth down and finish the look, resulting in slick and volumised brows tha offer a similar effect to brow lamination.

3. Fill your brows with a Brow Pomade
By following up with our Brow Pomade, you are able to fill in sparse areas of your natural brows to create a fuller effect, resulting in bolder and thicker-looking brows. Our buildable formula comes in three shades to suit all skin tones and has a dual-ended design that is packed into a compact tube. To use, unscrew both ends and add a small amount of pomade to the tip of the brush. Slowly apply to areas of the brows that are sparse, building up coverage where necessary to achieve more even and thicker-looking brows.

4. Define your brows with an Eyebrow Pencil
The final step in achieving the ultimate brow look is to bring depth and definition to your brows. The best way to do this is by using our Eyebrow Pencil. Like our Brow Pomade, our Eyebrow Pencil arrives in three shades to suit all skin tones. After applying the Brow Pomade, use the ultra-fine pencil tip to draw short, hair-like strokes in the direction of the natural eyebrow growth. This will help to build out your brows, emphasising their natural texture and make them appear fuller and thicker.


Top Tips On How To Get Thicker Eyebrows

- Let your brows be
Don’t touch your eyebrows  - no tweezing, no waxing, no threading for at least three months. Leaving your eyebrows alone is incredibly important because we want your full, untouched eyebrows to return. This gives your brows a chance to have their natural shape again, even if they’re yet to reach their full potential. Restoring your eyebrows’ natural shape and thickness will go a long way to giving you the best, fluffy brows of your dreams. It means that you (or your brow tech) will have the best blank canvas to work from to shape your newer, thicker brows.

- Brush your brows regularly
It’s important to brush through your brows every day using a spoolie or similar tool. It’s a super simple task that will make a huge difference in helping to grow thicker eyebrows. Firstly, it’s going to help train any unruly, freshly grown hairs to grow in the right direction. Also, it will help to keep all your brow hair neat and tidy throughout the growth process.

- Ditch the tweezers
If you’re used to keeping your eyebrows in shape, it might be tempting to grab the tweezers at any opportunity to keep stray hairs at bay. However, during the process of growing thicker eyebrows, it’s best to leave the tweezers alone and let natural eyebrow growth happen.

- Eat a wholefood diet
A great way to promote natural eyebrow growth is by making sure your body is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs through a balanced diet. Protein-rich foods play an important part in stimulating eyebrow growth as our hair follicles are mostly made of protein; more specifically a protein called Keratin which makes up around 80-85% of our hair follicles. Consuming biotin and protein can stimulate Keratin production, and in-turn stimulate eyebrow growth. Eggs contain high levels of biotin and protein and are important to work into your diet, as well as lean meats, legumes, dairy products and dairy alternatives.

- Keep them clean
Not only is cleaning your makeup products important for hygiene reasons, it can also help to make sure your brow area is clean and free from any build-up that may be blocking potential growth. Also, having a consistent cleansing routine in the evening and incorporating products such as our Lash & Brow Wash, is so important in making sure the eyebrow area stays fresh and ready for future natural brow growth.

- Massage brows for growth daily
One of the best ways to increase circulation around the brow area and in turn help natural eyebrow growth is by massaging your eyebrows. After applying either our transformative Eyebrow Serum or Complex Peptide Eyebrow Serum, gently press your fingertips at the centre of your brow, making circular movements, gradually moving to the outer and inner parts of your eyebrow. This will help to boost circulation and increase the effectiveness of our Eyebrow Serum, achieving thicker and fuller-looking brows, faster.

- Trust the process
This is the hardest part, but it’s what really pays off in the end. It can be hard to be patient, but the best tip is to take progress photos once a week so you can compare how far your brows have come, and to give you motivation for the the future! By the time you’re at week twelve (three months), you’ll have all that time to look back and see exactly how much thicker-looking your brows are!  
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