Uklash Lash & Brow Wash

Nourishing & Hydrating Micellar Water
How it works?

This scientifically proven 3-in-1 Lash & Brow wash is formulated with gentle micelles that work to dissolve and lift away even waterproof makeup and daily build-up without irritating the skin. Gentle enough for everyday use on the delicate eye area, this non-stripping micellar water helps to restore the skin’s moisture barrier, while nourishing plant extracts including Aloe Vera & Apple Water hydrate and soothe for a calm, clean eye area and lash lines.

Can be used on the whole face.

Oil-Free, suitable and perfect to use before applying your UKLASH Eyelash Serum & UKBROW Eyebrow Serum for best results. 

Fragrance-Free so suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types as it does not irritate skin, as well as balancing the skin’s pH and protecting the skin barrier.

How to use:

Step 1: Remove the lid and place a cotton pad on the pump and gently press down to soak the pad. 

Step 2: Gently press the pad on a closed eye or brow for 10-15 seconds to help loosen makeup and any residue around the brow and lash line. Gently press the eye area clean and repeat as needed to fully remove dirt and makeup from lashes, brows, eyelids and lash line. No need to rinse.

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  • This 3-in-1 oil-free gentle cleansing micellar water works to dissolve daily makeup and dirt, whilst also nourishing the eye area, creating the perfect base before you apply our UKLASH eyelash and brow serum.

  • Refreshes the eye area without irritation

  • Help restore the skin’s moisture barrier

  • Works to cleanse away make-up, bacteria and traces of pollution

  • Features our unique press pump for convenient application, ensuring no excess or product wastage like regular bottles. 

  • Oil-Free so suitable for use with lash extensions and UKLASH Lash & Brow Serum

  • Cruelty-Free, 100% Vegan, Fragrance-Free , Sulfate-Free & SLS-Free

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    Ingredients: Water, PEG-6 Caprylic/Capric Glycerides, Dispropylene Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Sodium Citrate, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, Butylene Glycol, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Extract, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Ocimum Basilicum (Basil) Leaf Extract, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Water, Houttuynia Cordata Extract, Foeniculum Vulgare (Fennel) Seed Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, 1,2-Hexanediol, Hippophae Rhamnoides Extract

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    Key Ingredients

    Lavender Extract

    Skin regeneration & soothing

    Sea Berry Extract

    Antioxidant & brightening

    Aloe-Vera Extract

    Soothes and protects the skin

    Apple Water

    Hydrates and nourishes delicate eye area

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