For Babes Serious about Eyelashes

Just removed your eyelash extensions only to short and brittle lashes?

BABE! We feel you!

We know what that’s like. It’s SALTY. It happened to us and that’s why we founded UK Lash and it slays! UK Lash is exactly what you need to get rid of short, brittle and sparse lashes and give you lush natural lashes that make you feel confident and gorgeous …
Ordinarly is boring!
Besides delivering a great product that really works...

We love making women feel BEAUTIFUL with a twist of FUN. We think ordinarily is so boring so our product has its own PERSONALITY!

Eyelash Goals!
Our lash serum is for beauties just like you, with eyelash goals. It’s sassy and the kind of product you need in your make-up bag! We’re gonna give you dramatic eyes you can’t wait to show off with real lush lashes.

The WOW Factor!
We haven’t just given you a high-key lash serum; we’ve got a serum that looks cool to use, that you want in your make-up bag. It’s just what you need for your best selfie ever….and it won’t break the bank.

You get those show-stopping eyelashes you’ve dreamed of, fuller, sexier and silkier eyelashes and with or without make-up, your eyes really stand out, giving you the WOW factor. UK Lash also works on eyebrows – for your own natural looking bold HD brows!

Safe, Harmless and Cruelty Free Beauty
We like to see happy animals so you won’t find any animal testing on our product. We also don’t believe in parabens – no way. Our top lash scientists have created a high performance, safe, cruelty free and comfortable eyelash serum for beauts like who want on fleek eyelashes.

The Eyes Have It…
Not only does Uklash help you to grow the longest ever eyelashes it’s totes healthy for lashes because its unique formula nourishes, conditions and softens while encouraging up to 55% more long length, 75% more fullness.

Use With (or Without) Lash Extensions!
Wanna wear extensions? OK - UK Lash keeps your own natural lashes healthy, thick, long, full and strong so you get zero damage.

Wave bye-bye to your mascara wand, ditch those heavy eye-lash extensions, bin your false eyelashes if you want to, you’re about to grow your greatest lashes yet.
It’s time to really love your eyes..

Lashes of Love,