Celebrating natural beauty and the power we have to enhance it.

Our goal is simple; to create clinically proven products that enhance your lashes, brows, and hair - naturally.

Our formulas are packed with vitamins and peptides to help you supercharge your natural beauty, your way.


We believe that the journey of growth is continuous, much like that of our lashes, brows and hair.

As a modern brand we are passionate about constantly evolving and improving and as a result, will continue to work on developing the most advanced products the hair growth market has to offer.


We care about the creation of our products and want to be clear about how they work and why we need them. Our innovative formulas are backed by science and deliver real results to real people.


As well as caring for those around us, we also care for the environment which is why our products are cruelty free, vegan and kind to your skin, eyes and hair.

Behind the formulas

Each of our product formulas has its own unique recipe using independently sourced ingredients and is made in our own UKLASH-dedicated laboratory in Spain. Each formula goes through extensive testing before hitting our shelves and complies with all UK & EU regulatory standards, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

  • Meet the Founder

    UKLASH was Founded by Nima Pourian in 2018 with its debut Eyelash Serum, which has since become a globally loved best-seller. Today, some of the world’s biggest beauty influencers and celebrities accredit their lash growth journey to this one, affordable product.

    With over 15 years of experience in eyelash serum formulation, Swedish-born Nima took inspiration from the natural beauty aesthetic that surrounded him growing up and created the UKLASH range to fill a gap in the market.

    Inspired by his two sisters, who found that the beauty products on offer focused on heavy mascara and false eyelashes to achieve their desired look, Nima set out to create a product to help his sisters achieve the appearance of longer and thicker lashes, naturally. Today the UKLASH brand offers an extensive range of products that are expertly formulated and deliver real, natural results; the driving force behind the brand's cult status and loyal customer base.

    As the beauty world increasingly looks away from years of overly embellished beauty trends and back towards a pared-back look, UKLASH continues to offer customers a way to nurture and enhance their supernatural beauty. 

"I set up a business whose sole purpose was finding a formula and creating a product to nourish eyelashes so that they became naturally stronger, fuller and more beautiful. And now we've got one, and I hope it's empowering for everyone, whatever your age or gender."
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