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Winter makeup looks 2022: How to create your perfect dark makeup

Winter makeup looks almost always get recycled each year with a modern twist, and this year is no different. If you’re anything like us, you like to stick to the makeup looks you know. But why not step outside the box as the weather gets darker? 

From bold pops of blush to dark eye makeup and obviously, sparkles here and there, we have put together the ultimate winter makeup look, we predict will dominate your feed. 

Keep reading for everything you need to know on winter makeup looks and how you can elevate your aesthetic this season. 

How to pull off winter makeup looks

Trying a new winter makeup look can be daunting when you’re not used to stepping outside your comfort zone, but it's important to find your inner confidence! Not only this, but a lot more goes into creating dark makeup looks for winter, other than killer makeup. 

Our skin tends to feel dehydrated in the winter due to the cooler air, so opting for a duey foundation and ensuring a hydrating skincare routine can help to combat this. Furthermore, Investing in a good setting spray is important, as the cold air can cause cracks on the surface of your makeup. 

These steps will ensure your winter makeup looks last perfectly, all night long! 

Dark makeup looks: Siren eyes are calling

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Now, we all know ‘siren eyes’ have been super popular this year. But we think they will make an even darker resurgence this winter. 

Creating feminine mystery – siren eyes are the perfect dark makeup look this season. So without further ado, Here’s how to create the sultry look in six simple steps: 

  • Pick up brown eyeshadow on a small tapered brush, draw a wing at the end of your eyes 
  • Blend the edges slightly with a blending brush 
  • Repeat with black eyeshadow for a smokey eyeliner effect 
  • Draw along the inner corner of your eye and waterline with your small tapered brush
  • Curl your eyelashes away from your face with an Eyelash Curler
  • Use UKLASH Volume Boost Mascara on the top eyelashes only 

Feel free to incorporate autumn/winter colours into your siren eyes like blue, burnt orange, chocolate brown and emerald green, and don't forget about the sparkles! You can add your favourite highlighter to the brow bone, inner corner or the centre of your eyelid for a stunning nighttime makeup look. 

If you want to learn more about the siren eyes makeup trend, where it came from, why it's so popular and how to harness your dark femininity, read our full article ‘Siren eyes: The dark femininity aesthetic explained’ right now on our blog.

Winter makeup looks locked in 

So, now that you've discovered how to create killer winter makeup looks for the colder season, we have you covered with healthy hair products, right here at UKLASH.

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