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PCOS Supplements, Metformin for PCOS, PCOS NHS, PCOS Hair Loss
How I reversed my PCOS hair loss

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a common disorder that affects almost 27% of women during their childbearing years with no known cause.

While many women with PCOS grow thicker hair, some go through hair thinning and sometimes hair loss, known as female pattern hair loss.

Having gone through this myself, I know it can be a very daunting time. PCOS symptoms including acne, weight gain, hair loss/gain and more, can almost feel like you’re being stripped of your femininity completely!

So, if you’ve been diagnosed with PCOS or you want to learn about the common symptoms, keep reading to hear my personal experience with PCOS, why PCOS symptoms occur and how I reversed my PCOS hair loss for good. 

What is PCOS: The symptoms to look out for 

PCOS causes extra male hormone production known as androgen. This causes the development of more masculine features including excess hair growth in areas including:

  • Face 
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Abdomen

More common symptoms of PCOS I have personally found noticeable are irregular periods, sudden weight gain around the abdomen/hips, hormonal acne and hair loss. This can be due to Insulin Resistance which usually goes hand in hand with PCOS. 

The extra androgens can also cause your hair to begin thinning near the front of your scalp. This is most known as androgenic alopecia or female pattern hair loss

Can PCOS hair loss grow back? 


Totally. Any hair you lose due to PCOS won’t grow back on its own. But with treatment and appropriate hair care, you can stimulate the growth of new hair over time. I often found it difficult to stay positive while waiting for results, but patience really is key!

How I cured my PCOS symptoms

PCOS Supplements, Metformin for PCOS, PCOS NHS, PCOS Hair Loss

Reversing my PCOS symptoms has been a journey, to say the least! I've tried everything from the contraceptive pill to metformin. But all these options created hormonal imbalances, making me depressed while struggling to maintain my weight. 

That's when I discovered UKLASH Hair Vitamins and Hair Growth Serum. Ensuring I used both daily fell into my routine and before I knew it, I was including both into my nighttime regime without even realising. Within weeks, I noticed my hair felt stronger at the root and I haven't looked back!

Please remember that everyone reacts differently to the contraceptive pill, so if you are thinking of giving it a go – go for it! The good thing about the pill is that you can stop whenever you want, so there’s no pressure on you. 

Stephanie McAdam: How I reversed my PCOS Hair loss

I have PCOS, so I go through bouts of thinning hair and PCOS hair loss. I've tried many treatments, but I've been using UKLASH Hair Growth Serum every night religiously for about three weeks and I feel that my hair is now thicker at the root. 

I don't know how it works, but it does! I would really recommend trying the Hair Growth Serum out just before bed – It has no scent and doesn't damage pillowcases at all!

How to make PCOS hair loss less noticeable

In the meantime, there are plenty of techniques I've tried which have masked my PCOS hair loss. These techniques include: 

  • Root cover-up powders
  • Parting your hair in different places
  • Try bangs (I didn't do this as a fringe would never suit me, but if you want to, go for it!)
  • Volumising hair products
  • A layered hairstyle

PCOS Hair Loss: The treatment you need to try

So, now that you've discovered how to manage your PCOS hair loss, we have you covered with healthy hair products, right here at UKLASH.

We have +40,000 testimonials from around the globe for our hair serums, brow serums, and lash serums and how they have encouraged hair, lash and eyebrow growth. Not only restoring healthy hair but more importantly, your confidence too. 

Discover the best hair supplements from UKLASH!




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