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How UKLASH impacts the hair growth phase

Is your hair just not growing? Well, believe it or not. Our hair follicles are the most rapidly dividing cells in the human body. So, if your hair really isn't growing, it might be time to take action.

Utilising an Eyelash Serum, Eyebrow Serum and Hair Growth Gummies can really speed up the process of achieving long and luscious hair that lasts. 

If you’ve been religiously using UKLASH and haven't noticed the results you desire, this may be down to your hair growth cycle. Want to learn more? Keep reading for all the information you need on your hair growth phase. 

How long does it take hair to grow? 

How long does it take for hair to grow? UKLASH UKBROW

Hair growth is a tricky topic and there isn't really one answer that fits all. Firstly, like all the hairs on your body, there are three phases of eyelash growth: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. Here at UKLASH, we have ensured that all our products help your hair in each stage in different ways. 

  • Anagen: Known as the growth phase, Anagen is the most important to us at UKLASH. Lasting from 4-6 weeks, your hair grows to its full length and can make the most out of UKLASH ingredients. 
  • Catagen: Lasting around 2-3 weeks, this is the transition phase, where your hair has stopped growing, but it's not ready to shed and start a new hair growth cycle. If your hair is pulled out at this stage, the lash cycle is disrupted and the follicle will take even longer to grow back. 
  • Telogen: Lasting up to 3 months, this is considered the resting phase, which is the final stage of the hair life cycle. Now the hair has stopped growing and is preparing to shed, starting the hair growth phase all over again.
The Lash Cycle - Eyelash Growth Cycle Phases

How long does it take for different hairs to grow?


If we’re talking about the hair on your head, of course, this can depend. What are your goals? Do you desire long hair, thicker hair, or healthier hair? Whatever your goals are, this is going to take time. Be patient and keep your goals in mind. Why not try out our OMG! Hair Vitamins for results in as little as 3 months. 


Usually, eyebrows grow at a pretty rapid pace for all. Many have conducted studies on this topic, with one study shaving off people's eyebrows and monitoring the growth phases. All participant's brows had grown back to normal within 4 months. Try out our Eyebrow Growth Serum for fuller and thicker brows this season. 


Lashes usually take two months to grow. But if you want longer, fuller eyelashes, there are steps to take to help grow them out, like our Eyelash Growth Serum at UKLASH.

How long for UKLASH to work? 

Hair Growth Phase, Cycles of hair growth, why isn't my hair growing, UKLASH

UKLASH affects your hair from the very first application. Dont worry, if you can't see results just yet, remember that it's most effective in the first phase of the hair growth cycle. 

The longer the hair stays in the growth phase, the longer the hair grows. This is how UKLASH gives you stunning and healthy hair to last the test of time. We’re sure you’ll start to see results in 4-6 weeks. Yes, it's a waiting game. But the results are worth it! 

Ensuring that your hair is kept healthy is crucial for ensuring that your newly grown hair stays put. In addition to growth-boosting ingredients, UKLASH has a perfect blend of moisturising ingredients to keep existing hairs healthy and lush.

Why is my hair not growing? 

Of course, hair growth results vary, but to see the results you desire, you must apply UKLASH for at least 8-12 weeks. Plus, if you’ve been using UKLASH for more than 8-12 weeks and haven't noticed results, you may want to evaluate your lash care routine

Struggling with a routine? Why not apply UKLASH every night after brushing your teeth to ensure you see the results you want? Why not also set a reminder on your phone for applying UKLASH, so you’re night-time routine is fully set? 

Exactly how to encourage hair growth

So, now that you've discovered how to take care of your hair at each growth phase, we have you covered with healthy hair products, right here at UKLASH.

We have +40,000 testimonials from around the globe for our hair serums, brow serums, and lash serums and how they have encouraged hair, lash and eyebrow growth. Not only restoring healthy hair but more importantly, your confidence too. 

Discover the best hair supplements from UKLASH!

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