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How to achieve glass skin in 5 steps

Want smooth, shiny, “flawless” looking skin? Don't we all! The glass skin trend officially took over TikTok years ago, but it has continued to be a front-runner in the beauty trends to follow.

This K-Beauty trend isn't centred around impossibly perfect skin, but your best possible skin. Hence, with proper morning and night-time skincare routines, achieving glass skin is actually relatively easy. 

Want to learn how to achieve glass skin with UKLASH? Keep reading for the beauty secrets you need. 

What is glass skin? 

If you’re trying to achieve glass skin, the worst thing you can Google is “What is glass skin?”. According to any search platform, glass skin = perfect skin, and this just isn't the case. The glass skin trend simply refers to healthy, luminous skin. 

All you need to focus on is getting your skin as healthy as possible so that it looks smooth, luminous and clear. 

How to get glass skin in 5 simple steps

How to get glass skin, how to achieve glass skin, UKLASH

1. Cleanser - morning & night

It's time to upgrade from your everyday face wipes to a face wash that removes your makeup gently and protects the skin as you cleanse. 

If you’re not wearing any makeup, we advise cleaning with a cleaning oil first and following with our Lash & Brow Wash.

2. Retinol - night

Using retinol at night will smooth lines and allow for preventive skin care. This is the perfect product if you are aiming to slow down signs of ageing. 

Plus, the glass skin trend calls for smooth skin, retinol may help reduce the appearance of lumps and bumps, for healthier-looking skin. 

3. Serum - morning & night

How to get glass skin, how to achieve glass skin, UKLASH Eye Patches

Now is the time to apply your Hydra-Gel Eye Patches. Rich with aloe vera, collagen, ceramides and more skin-loving ingredients, leave your eye patches on for 20 minutes, read a book, have a glass of wine and unwind. 

Once you’ve removed your eye patches, rub the remaining serum into and around your skin in circular motions to create that glass-skin effect. 

4. Moisturiser - morning & night

Now all your glassy goodness is applied, lock in all that hydration with a layer of moisturiser. Yes, even if you have oily skin, skipping this step can trick your skin into producing more oil to compensate for the lack of moisture. 

Make sure you choose a clean beauty brand for your glass skin products. While the glass skin trend looks flawless, it's essential to research each product's ingredients to ensure they work for you and your skin. 

5. Skin food 101: Healthy foods for your skin - ongoing

Skincare shouldn't only be your main focus to maintain healthy skin and achieve the glass skin look. Make sure you’re eating a balanced diet containing foods including: 

  • Fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, like berries, spinach, and carrots
  • Omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon, flaxseeds, and walnuts to support skin hydration.
  • Vitamin C from citrus fruits, broccoli, and peppers to boost collagen production.
  • Zinc-containing foods such as nuts, whole grains, and beans for skin repair.
  • Lean protein like chicken, turkey, and tofu.
  • Plenty of water to keep skin moisturised from the inside out.

The glass skin trend explored

So, now you’ve heard all about how to achieve glass skin, we have you covered with healthy hair products, right here at UKLASH.

We have +40,000 testimonials from around the globe for our hair serums, brow serums, and lash serums and how they have encouraged hair, lash and eyebrow growth. Not only restoring healthy hair but more importantly, your confidence too. 

Refresh your hair with the best in hair supplements from UKLASH!

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