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Three Top Tips for Healthy Hair Growth

Growing hair takes effort - both internal and external, that is.. While hair gummies are one of the best ways to support your hair growth from the inside out, there are still tips and techniques that you can do for your hair on the outside for healthy hair growth. Here are our favourite tips and techniques for ensuring that you get the most out of your hair gummies by taking great care of your hair!

1) Brush Your Hair the Right Way

This sounds straightforward, right? The thing is, there are a lot of incorrect ways to brush your hair. However, what they all have in common is potentially damaging your hair, making it look thinner than it is. It’s broken down into two techniques - whether or not you’re brushing wet hair, and how you’re detangling your hair. 

a) Don’t Brush Wet Hair - Only Comb

Here’s the thing - when hair is wet, it’s much more prone to stretching and snapping. This goes for all hair types. While it may seem like a good idea to brush wet hair, unfortunately, it’s not - here’s why. When hair is wet, it’s totally saturated with water and the keratin (the protein hair is made of) is softened, so it’s much weaker than it is in when dry.

When you brush hair, it’s more likely to pull and snap - leaving you with thinner, damaged hair. If you really need to detangle your hair when it’s wet, stylists recommend using a wide-toothed comb. It’s far less likely to pull hair out and is recommended for all hair types. 

b) Detangle from Length to Scalp

Have you ever noticed how in princess movies, the princess holds and combs her hair from the bottom up? This isn’t just a movie thing - it’s the best way to detangle hair. The problem with brushing or combing your hair from the scalp is that you can pull out hair much easier if there are knots - not the effect we’re going for, right?

Instead, gather your hair in one hand, and comb it from your hand - not from your scalp. This means if there are any tangles or knots that need to come out, the pressure is in your hand - not on the hair root, which could pull the entire hair out - defeating the purpose of taking your hair gummies.

2) Wash Your Hair the Right Way

Now that we’ve covered how to comb or brush your hair the right way, did you know that there’s also a right way to wash your hair? One of these tips is technically hair prep for washing, but it still makes a huge difference to washing your hair - and getting the most out of your hair vitamins. 

a) Detangle Your Hair Before Showering

When it comes to knots in your hair, the easy thing to do seems like pulling them apart while in the shower… right? Like we talked about in the first point, wet hair = weak hair. If you wait until your hair is wet to detangle it, you risk pulling out more hair than you really need to. The best thing to do is detangle before hopping in the shower (especially now that you know how to detangle hair properly). 

Also, it’ll be much more relaxing when it comes time to shampoo your hair. No more time spent wasted fighting tangled hair - and your hair will thank you for it!

b) Don’t Scratch Your Scalp

This is a tough one to stop, but it’s a crucial one. We all know how good it feels when we scratch our scalps (especially in the shower) but did you know you could be doing more harm to your hair than good?

Scratching your scalp too much can damage your hair follicles - the cells that hair grows from. So even if you’re taking your hair gummies diligently, if you’re damaging your own hair follicles, there’s no point. When shampooing, instead of scratching your scalp, massage it with your fingertips - it’s much gentler and still gets that effect of a deep clean at your roots for healthier, thicker hair.

3) Don’t Heat Style Too Often

Excessive heat styling is the number one enemy of hair growth - high temperatures can cause the denaturing of keratin, the protein that hair is made out of. Usually, hair would be exposed to these temperatures from hair straighteners and curling tongs - in other words, hair is damaged much easier when the heat source is directly on the hair. 

You can tell if your hair is heat damaged if it feels rough and tangles easily - something that all the hair gummies in the world couldn’t help with. To avoid this, your best bet is to not heat style as often - air drying is the best way to go if you can, and if you absolutely must use a hair drier, don’t forget to use a heat protectant! 

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