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How to nail fluffy brows in 5 simple steps

So it looks like the fluffy brows trend is here to stay and since your eyebrows are the frame of your face, why not make them your best asset?

While finding the right shape and style for you can be tricky, feathery fluffy brows work for everyone and are very forgiving. So you don't need to be a brow expert to nail the fluffy brows trend. 

Keep reading to learn how to do fluffy brows perfectly, every single time. 

How to get fluffy brows? UKLASH! have you covered

We show you not only how to laminate eyebrows, but also how to do fluffy brows at home. That way,  you can find the style that truly works for you, while being super simple to achieve.

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Fluffy lux brows in 5 simple steps:

Don't worry, we promise fluffy brows are quick and simple. All you need is practice - you’ve got this!

1. Shape your brows

Firstly, you need to decide how you want to shape your eyebrows. Make sure you don't go too tweezer-heavy! Eyebrow mapping is a good place to start. Simply begin mapping where your eyebrow should start, end and how high you want your arch to reach. 

Wondering if you should trim your eyebrows? Absolutely. While thick and healthy eyebrows are important, trimming them now and again creates a clean look. Use a spoolie to comb the brows in a natural direction and trim off the excess bulk. 

2. Prime your brows 

It's time to push your hairs into an upward position which creates the fluffy illusion. Take your favourite brow gel and apply it to your brows with a spoolie. Ensure you cover all your brow hairs in the product and begin to comb the hairs upward to expose the skin underneath. 

3. Fill in sparse areas 

Whether you prefer powder, pomades or pencils, grab whatever feels most comfortable to you and get to work filling in any sparse areas. Remember, less is more with fluffy brows. Go slowly and apply fine strokes to mimic natural hairs. Don't fill in all the empty spaces to create the most natural effect.

4. Set in place for stunning fluffy brows that last 

To make sure your brows last all day long, finish with a small amount of hairspray or eyebrow wax. After covering a clean spoolie in the product, gently brush your eyebrows up one last time for the perfect fluffy brows lamination.

5. Highlight under the brow with concealer 

So this step is completely optional, but taking a few extra moments to do this step can take your feathery fluffy brows up a level. Taking a concealer brush, dab some concealer just under the arch and tails. Make sure to blend well to create a subtle highlighted effect. 

There you have it! The fluffy brows trend nailed in five simple steps. 

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