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6 Essential Habits for Gorgeous, Natural, Eyelashes

When it comes to growing eyelashes, don't underestimate how much your current beauty habits influence how much they actually grow. From your diet, all the way to the mascara you use - all of these things could influence how your lashes look and how they grow. At the end of the day, you want to disturb them as little as possible while still keeping them healthy, luscious, and long. Here are our six essential habits for growing healthy lashes.

Gentler makeup removal

This is a major key to supporting healthy lash growth. Too many people are extremely rough on their eyes without realising! Instead of rubbing your eyes vigorously with a makeup remover-soaked cotton pad (or worse, a makeup wipe), let it sit for a few seconds before gently swiping away - giving the remover time to dissolve the makeup. This makes the entire process a) easier and b) less irritating on your eyes and eyelashes.

Another gentle makeup removal method is the oil cleansing method, where an oil-based makeup remover is gently massaged into the eye area, dissolving and loosening any makeup for an easy rinse-off. An oil-based makeup remover also does double duty of lightly conditioning eyelashes, keeping them from becoming dry, brittle, and breaking off.

Skip the falsies

While there is some advice to skip strip lashes in favour of individuals or clusters because they’re supposedly less harsh, at the end of the day - you could still be damaging your natural lashes with strong lash glue and improper lash removal. The less you mess with your eyelashes, the better chance you give them to grow healthy and strong. It's the same as leaving your hair alone to support its growth - no colouring, no bleaching, and no heat styling.

To play it safe, test yourself and try to go without falsies for a month or so - you might be surprised by how much your own natural lashes impress you!

Use a lash serum

At the bare minimum, a good lash serum conditions and provides moisture to your eyelashes. Just like the hair on your head, eyelashes can become dry and damaged. Whether that’s from excessive eye rubbing, using drying mascara, or too much lash glue - at the end of the day, they need a deep-conditioning treatment.

A lash serum can also help support healthy lash growth - some are formulated with natural extracts that boost circulation and encourage lash growth. They’re super easy to add to your night routine too - just a swipe over your clean lash line every night and you could see the effects in as soon as 4 weeks. UkLash is the #1 top rated eyelash serum on the market with 100% money-back guarantee.

Brush your lashes

Just as with brushing your hair, your eyelashes can benefit from being brushed too. And you don’t even have to buy a specific spoolie/eyelash brush to do this with - it’s a great idea to upcycle old mascara brushes to use as eyelash brushes. Just cleanse them thoroughly until there is no more mascara on them, then leave to dry.

Brushing your lashes is a secret that most probably don’t know, but it helps keep your lashes growing the way you want them to. If you’re a side or face down sleeper, you might notice that one side of your face tends to have more crumply, crinkled lashes. Brushing them out helps stop them getting tangled in each other (it’s totally possible!) and helps to make them look fluttery and fanned out.

Take a collagen supplement

We can't deny the effect of what we eat has on our body - whether that's our skin, hair, nails, our diet influences everything - including our eyelashes. Collagen is an incredibly well-known beauty supplement that improves skin suppleness, supports hair growth, and boosts nail growth.

It’s extremely effective at supporting hair growth because collagen provides a source of essential amino acids that work to support keratin, the protein that makes up our eyelashes and hair. There are a lot of really convenient ways to supplement collagen in your diet now - no more choking down pills! It’s really just as easy as adding a scoop to your morning smoothie.

Use a tubing mascara

Tubing mascara just might come for the crown of longest-lasting mascara, while still being washable and easy to remove. Compared to waterproof mascaras, which tend to damage and dry out lashes and be difficult to remove, tubing mascaras are a piece of cake - and better for your lashes. 

Instead of just depositing product on the lashes, tubing mascaras actually use polymers that wrap around each individual lash. This does two amazing things for lashes - they’re super lengthening without being spidery, and last way longer than regular mascara. When it comes time to remove makeup, tubing mascara easily comes off with warm water and a gentle massage. How easy is that? No more eye-rubbing trying to take off waterproof mascara!

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