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Maximise those Lashes! A Guide to Keeping Your Eyelashes Super-Healthy

Keeping your eyelashes healthy should be a hot priority because your eyes are the first thing that people notice about you! You need eyelashes that slay, eyelashes that flutter sexily so you get to your seduction goals!  So if you’re eyelashes are thirsty, like if you’ve overused the lash extensions and you’ve got bald patches or shorter lashes than normal – let’s get this straight, eyelashes need maintenance…just saying! We’re gonna spill the tea on healthy lashes.

You Need UKLASH!

UKLASH is the latest cray beauty product you need in your make-up bags! It’s for baes that know how to look not just good, to literally kill it! Why? Because it grows your lashes long, strong, full and silky. It also keeps lashes in good condition by feeding them with lots of vitamins – we’re talking A, B and C – the alphabet of healthy lashes. If you want to glo-up your lashes, it’s your go-to.

How to Keep Lashes Healthy

Keeping eyelashes healthy is simple. So if your eyelashes need some milk, here’s the UK LASH guide to what to do…

  • First, always remove last night’s make-up. No falling asleep with your mascara clumping up your eyelashes. You need to reach for the eye make-up remover and get rid of make-up.
  • Never pull or drag cotton wool or eye make-up remover across your lashes because that puts pressure on the root, you could lose lashes by being careless. So go easy, your lashes will thank you!
  • Once your eyelashes are clean and dry, it’s time for the secret ingredient to lasting length, fullness and sassy lashes! You need your UKLASH serum. Using the applicator, guide it along the root of your top eyelashes, just one sweep is all you need. Now you can roll into bed and sleep while UK LASH does its thing.
  • Next, continue using your UK LASH serum every night and you will start seeing growth after couple of weeks….then, it’s just getting used to adding it to your routine because you can achieve up to 55% increase in length and 70% volume!

Yaas, we guarantee results!

UKLASH & Eyelash Extensions

If you use eyelash extensions you should give your natural eyelashes some extra TLC. UKLASH should be part of your extension maintenance. Obvs you need to get your eyelashes taken care of every few weeks, add in any lost lashes and generally keep them looking hot. In between, you can use UKLASH nightly to bolster your natural lashes with strength to fight against the weight of extensions and glue. Both of these can damage natural lashes. While UKLASH also strengthens, you’ll enjoy extra growth and extra volume. Most of our users end up ditching their lash extensions once they see our on fleek results.

So, no draking over damaged or sad looking lashes – get yourself some UKLASH and be like I’ve got lashes that are EXTRA!

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