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Achieve The Soft Girl Spring Makeup Look In 5 Steps

The internet, and more specifically social media, is constantly introducing new makeup trends. From bleached brows to tantouring, there is always a new look for us to try out.
As of late, there is one in particular that has resonated with us here at UKLASH, and that’s the Soft Girl makeup look - and just in time for Spring!

What is Soft Girl Makeup?
It is a beauty trend that was born out of subtlety and with the aim to highlight your natural beauty - something we know all about here at UKLASH. It is centred around the concept of less being more, with the focus being on soft blush, natural lashes, neutral tones and light freckles. The key to achieving this look is to prep your skin, lashes, and brows, to boost your super natural beauty - luckily at UKLASH, we have all the products to do just that. We’ve put together a step-by-step routine of how to achieve the ultimate Soft Girl Spring look in just 5 simple steps:

1. Start your lash growth journey with an Eyelash Serum
Forget the falsies - fluttering your natural lashes is a key part of achieving this makeup look. Our #1 rated Eyelash Serum should be first on your shopping list as it will be key in promoting growth and nourishment, helping to achieve visibly longer lashes in as little as 25 days. Working with sensitive skin? No worries - we also have our Sensitive Eyelash Serum which offers a gentler formula to achieve longer lashes in just 6 weeks.

2. Build your natural brows
As previously mentioned, highlighting your natural beauty is key to achieving this barely-there make-up look and defining your features plays a major part in this. Use our Eyebrow Serum which is filled with active ingredients such as Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Green Tea extract, and Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 — an amino acid peptide known for encouraging keratin growth, to create naturally fuller and thicker brows in just 6 weeks. The best way to incorporate the serum into your daily routine is to apply in the evening to allow the formula to work its magic while you sleep. 
When putting together your Soft Girl Spring makeup look, use our Brow Gel Sculpt to give your brows a boost. Our clear-drying gel helps to hold the hairs in place all day whilst our handy double-sided brush, which is hidden in the lid, helps to comb and set your brows in place. For ultimate subtlety, use alone, or combine with our Brow Pencil to add definition, using the ultra-fine tip to create fine, hair-like strokes.

3. Prep your skin
One of the most important parts of the Soft Girl makeup look is creating a base that is dewy, fresh and imbues the essence of the Spring season. The best way to start is by using our Lash & Brow Wash which cleanses and nourishes the skin through natural extracts and active ingredients. Follow up with our Hydra-Gel Eye Patches to rejuvenate and hydrate the under-eye area. They’re packed with a combination of Ceramides, Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid to firm and tone the skin, helping to reduce puffiness and the appearance of fine lines. Another key part of prepping the skin is by using an SPF. Not only will this help to protect against sunburn and skin cancer, but it will also help to slow the ageing process by shielding your skin against the sun’s UVB rays which can cause discoloration, wrinkles and fine lines. Better yet - look for moisturisers and lip balms that contain an SPF to simplify your daily routine and hydrate the skin whilst also protecting it against the sun.

4. Fake those freckles
Freckles are a key part of this makeup look, symbolising a carefree and laid-back aesthetic that is a core theme for Soft Girl Spring. For some, they occur naturally through sun exposure, but to avoid unnecessary damage to the skin, we prefer to fake the freckles using our versatile Brow Pencil. Start at the bridge of your nose by dabbing onto the skin with the pencil’s ultra-fine tip, creating freckles of different shapes and sizes, as this is how they appear naturally. Then, slowly fade out under your eyes and along your cheekbone towards your outer brow bone - these are the outermost parts of the face where the sun would hit and where freckles would naturally develop. Finish by gently patting with a make-up brush to soften the freckles, completing the look with a natural touch.

5. Lift your lashes
At UKLASH, we know how to bring the best out of your natural lashes. Both our Volume Boost and Lengthening mascara’s work to accentuate your beauty, naturally; an aesthetic which is key in achieving the ultimate Soft Girl Spring look. Our Volume Boost Mascara is built with a bold, rounded brush to provide the ultimate coverage, lift and hold, creating a volumised and dramatic lash look. Our Lengthening Mascara is applied with a curved silicone wand which helps to lengthen, lift and bring definition to the lashes.

Ultimately, the Soft Girl Spring look is achieved by highlighting individuality and accentuating your super natural beauty, something we aim to achieve through our products here at UKLASH. We hope you find the above tips helpful to securing the ultimate Soft Girl Spring look and can use them to find a healthier, bolder and stronger you.

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