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3 Festive Eyeshadow Looks you should try this season

With the Christmas season right around the corner, it's time to think about our festive plans, outfits and of course, festive eyeshadow looks. After all, it's an occasion you'll want to make the most out of. 

What's more, New Year’s Eve comes with its very own unique dress code where the pressure to try something new is a given. So, once you’ve found your perfect sparkly outfit, here are some festive eyeshadow looks to complement your look. 

Keep reading for UKLASH’s festive eyeshadow looks of the season. 

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Festive eyeshadow looks perfect for all your Christmas plans 

Green eyeshadow looks

Festive eyeshadow looks, green eyeshadow looks, UKLASH

You can’t think about festive eyeshadow looks without considering green. We know, green can be a scary colour for some, but a simple wash of festive green across your lids is exactly what you need to create a striking festive eyeshadow look this season. 

Go big and bold with a winged-out sharp eyeshadow look or go for a wash of colour on your lid, paired with Volume Boost Mascara for the perfect day-to-night makeup look. 

Sultry siren eyes

Festive eyeshadow looks, siren eyes, blue eyeshadow, UKLASH

Siren eyes have been a hot trend all year and we think it’s still the go-to for the festive season. 

Simply choose a colour of your choice (black if you’re feeling bold, brown for a subtle look or a pop of colour - whatever you fancy!), trace a line under your lid and blend, draw a wing and smoke it out with a small brush, apply mascara and add some glitter if you’re feeling bold. 

Classic bronze eyeshadow

Festive eyeshadow looks, gold eyeshadow, bronze makeup, UKLASH

If you’re looking for something a bit more classic with a twist, look no further than a bronzy eye for your festive eyeshadow looks. 

Wash a bronzy gold eyeshadow across your lids, follow with brown or black eyeliner, make use of an Eyelash Curler, apply your favourite mascara and if you’re feeling bold, stick some gems to your top lid for a stunning New Years' Eve look. 

Festive vibes only 

So, now that you have all the festive eyeshadow looks you need, we have you covered, right here at UKLASH! 

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