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  • Eyelash Serum - UKLASH
    Best seller
    49,549 reviews

    Eyelash Serum

    For longer & fuller lashes
  • Eyebrow Serum - UKLASH
    Best seller
    5,238 reviews

    Eyebrow Serum

    For fuller and thicker brows
  • Hair Growth Serum - UKLASH
    Sold out
    772 reviews

    Hair Growth Serum

    For longer, fuller and healthier hair
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  • OMG! Hair Vitamins - UKLASH
    Best seller
    1,982 reviews

    Hair Vitamins

    For Fuller & Thicker and Healthier-looking Hair
    • Sensitive Eyelash Serum - UKLASH
      449 reviews

      Sensitive Eyelash Serum

      For longer lashes on sensitive eyes
    • Volume Boost Mascara - UKLASH
      Best seller
      1,821 reviews

      Volume Boost Mascara

      For fuller and bolder lashes
    • Lash Separator - UKLASH
      Best seller
      448 reviews

      Lash Separator

      For clump-free and defined lashes
    • Lengthening Mascara - UKLASH
      Best seller
      628 reviews

      Lengthening Mascara

      For defined and longer lashes
    • Hydra-Gel Eye Patches - UKLASH
      Best seller
      327 reviews

      Hydra-Gel Eye Patches

      Rejuvenates & Restores under-eyes
    • Eyelash Curler - UKLASH
      Best seller
      207 reviews

      Eyelash Curler

      For curling and lifting lashes
    • Lash & Brow Wash - UKLASH
      Best seller
      203 reviews

      Lash & Brow Wash

      For cleansing the face and eye area
    Save on sets & kits
    • Eyelash Serum + Eyebrow Serum Set - UKLASH
      Eyelash Serum + Eyebrow Serum Set
      For Fuller-looking Brows & Lashes
      €95,65 €86,09
    • Eyelash Serum Duo Pack - UKLASH
      Eyelash Serum Duo Pack
      For Longer & Fuller Looking Lashes
      €95,65 €86,09
    • Hair Care Essentials - UKLASH
      Hair Care Essentials
      For Longer, Fuller-looking & Nourished Hair
      €73 €58,40
    • The Ultimate Volume Kit - UKLASH
      The Ultimate Volume Kit
      For Volumizing & Longer Lashes
      €88,10 €74,89
    • Complete Lash Kit - UKLASH
      Complete Lash Kit
      The Ultimate Kit for Your Lashes
      €78,03 €66,33
    • Eyelash Serum + Volume Boost Mascara Set - UKLASH
      Eyelash Serum + Volume Boost Mascara Set
      For Longer, Fuller & Healthier Lashes
      €64,19 €57,89
    • Eyelash Serum + Lengthening Mascara Set - UKLASH
      Eyelash Serum + Lengthening Mascara Set
      For Longer & Defined-looking Lashes
      €62,93 €56,64
    • Eyebrow Serum Duo Set - UKLASH
      Eyebrow Serum Duo Set
      For Fuller & Thicker-looking Brows
      €95,65 €86,09


    Our original Eyelash Serum works fast to provide longer and fuller-looking lashes in as little as 25 days, so if you’re looking for quick results - this one's for you. Our Sensitive Eyelash Serum offers a gentle formula that is safe for sensitive skin types and is powered by anti-inflammatory ingredients which help to nourish, lengthen and strengthen the lashes, with full results being seen in around 6-12 weeks.

    Our serums are specially formulated in our UKLASH-dedicated lab in Spain and completed by hand, ensuring a precise and specialist finish. All other products are made in the UK, EU and Asia by experienced chemists who are backed by over 55 years of hair-growth research.

    There are multiple ways to save money when shopping at UKLASH. Shop our Sets & Kits to save 10%, or Build Your Bundle to save up to 20%. You can also head to our Promotions Page for a full overview of all of our current discounts and offers.

    Yes - All of our hair products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free and are packed with multiple vitamins and nutrients to help nourish your hair and stimulate growth.

    Our Sets & Kits are specially curated to help you choose what products to use depending on your desired effect. If you already know which products work best for you, you can add multiple items to your bundle to boost your discount, with three items saving you 15% or five saving you 20%.

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