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How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

It's safe to say that we all lose an eyelash here and there, and you probably don’t even notice. After all, we have around 90-160 eyelashes along your upper eyelid. So there’s no problem in missing an eyelash or two. 

However, if you start to notice a lot of eyelashes falling out in a short period of time, there may be an underlying issue. 

Dont worry, we have all the answers here at UKLASH. The good news is that eyelashes do grow back, but some factors can slow down the process. 

Keep reading to learn how you can protect your eyelashes with UKLASH. 

Why are my eyelashes falling out? 

If your eyelashes are falling out more than usual, there are a few normal causes that can be helped with specific treatment including: 

  • Alopecia
  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Ageing
  • Excess eye rubbing 
  • Hormone imbalances 

 If you are concerned with any of these causes, make sure to consult your doctor for a second opinion. 

How long do eyelashes take to grow back? 

There are three phases of eyelash growth: The growth phase, the degradation phase and the telogen phase. 

The growth phase

This phase may last between 4 and 10 weeks. A typical eyelash grows between 0.12 and 0.14 millimetres per day.

Degradation phase

Also known as the catagen phase, this phase occurs when your eyelash stops growing and the hair follicle begins to shrink.

Resting phase

Also known as the telogen phase, this is the final phase, at the end of which the eyelash falls out. This cycle is much shorter than the life cycle of the hair on your head. 

Did you know that it will typically take around 6 weeks for the eyelash to grow back, if it's been cut or burned with no damage to the follicle or eyelid. 

However, if you pull an eyelash out, it may take longer for the eyelash to grow back, as the act of pulling can slow down the replacement process. 

This is a common story with regular eyelash extension users. So if you want to learn how to practice eyelash aftercare, read our article ‘Eyelash Aftercare 101: Micellar water will change your life’ on our blog

Do eyelashes grow back? Introducing UKLASH

 Do eyelashes grow back, how long does it take for eyelashes to grow back, UKLASH Eyelash Serum

Say hello to our UKLASH Eyelash Growth Serum! Ready for long, luscious and full natural lashes? UKLASH eyelash enhancer is a powerful serum that targets brittle, short and sparse lashes! It is fortified with natural vitamins, extracts and peptides to nourish and infuse your eyelashes with what they need to look longer, fuller and voluminous in 25 days.

The benefits

  • Infused with a blend of vitamins, peptides and extracts. Key ingredients like Biotin Peptide, Vitamin B5, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17 & Green Tea Extract
  • Real results - up to 55% longer and 75% more voluminous-looking lashes

*Results may vary from person to person

  • Cruelty-free, Vegan, Paraben & fragrance-free
  • Easy application - less than 5 seconds
  • Oil-Free. Safe with lash extensions and contact lens wearers

How to use 

STEP 1: Remove your makeup with an oil-free makeup remover or cleanser.

STEP 2: Apply only one stroke of UKLASH at the root of your upper lashes (like an eyeliner) once a day. One dip is sufficient for both lash lines.

STEP 3: Wait until the serum has fully dried if applying additional beauty products.

STEP 4:  Allow the serum to work overnight.

Why not also check out our UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins? Simply chew two strawberry gummies a day to maintain healthy hair growth. Packed with Biotin, Vitamin C + E, Folic Acid and more, nourish your hair from within!

Eyelash thinning 101: Real stories from real UKLASH customers

Eyelash thinning, do eyelashes grow back, why are my eyelashes falling out? Customer review before & after

Want some UKLASH inspo? Keep reading to hear Katie’s experience with eyelash thinning and how she fell in love with her lashes, thanks to our products: 

“I’m usually super weary of new beauty products as sometimes the results you see aren’t really a true representation of the end result, but this is the one absolutely massive exception! 

Literally, one swipe on both eyes before bed and twelve weeks later my lashes are absolutely transformed! I’ve not only gained length but curl and volume too. This stuff is amazing. I will 100% be trying the brow serum too next time I order. 

I’ve always been a false lash wearer, or even lash extensions. After my last set of extensions fell out I decided to try this serum and I will never look back. 

I’m so pleased now that all I need is a bit of mascara and I’m out the door. Honestly couldn’t recommend this serum enough, thanks UKLASH for giving me the eyelashes of my dreams.”

Eyelash thinning: The treatment you need to try

So, now that you've discovered how to manage your eyelash thinning, we have you covered with healthy hair products, right here at UKLASH.

We have +40,000 testimonials from around the globe for our hair serums, brow serums, and lash serums and how they have encouraged hair, lash and eyebrow growth. Not only restoring healthy hair but more importantly, your confidence too. 

Discover the best hair supplements from UKLASH!

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