You need to see this UKLASH Testimonial - UKLASH

You need to see this UKLASH Testimonial

Here at UKLASH, we know how important our reviews truly are, and since it's officially National Hair Loss Awareness Month, what better time to bring you a stunning testimonial by UKLASH lover, Carol Kirkner. 

Keep reading to learn about Carol's battle with chemo hair loss and eyelash shedding, and how our products helped her to feel confident again. 

“My story is a little different than most” – UKLASH testimony by Carol Kirkner

We also conducted a Q&A with Carol regarding her experience with UKLASH:

Why did you decide to start using UKLASH? 

“I read a review of the top 10 best lash enhancers and UKLASH was number one on this list!”

When did you start to see results?

“I saw results after about 3-4 weeks. Results were visible so much faster than without using UKLASH.”

So, what's your final review? 

“My UKLASH results are amazing! My lashes are longer and thicker than before. They also grew quicker than I experienced after Chemo. My products also arrived very quickly and were definitely priced reasonably – I love it!”

So there you have it. For healthier and stronger lashes, check out our eyelash serum over at UKLASH right now. 

How to regrow your hair naturally with UKLASH

So, now you’ve heard Carol's inspiring testimony, we have you covered with healthy hair products, right here at UKLASH.

We have +40,000 testimonials from around the globe for our hair serums, brow serums, and lash serums and how they have encouraged hair, lash and eyebrow growth. Not only restoring healthy hair but more importantly, your confidence too. 

Refresh your hair with the best in hair supplements from UKLASH!


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