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5 Top Tips On Finding The Best Brow Shape For You

Eyebrows are often a sign of the times, whether it be the wafer-thin brows that proved popular in the ‘90s, or the bushier brows that came to reign in the 2010s - every shape, shade and style has had its highs and lows.
At UKLASH, we’re all about celebrating individuality, super natural beauty and the power we have to enhance it. When it comes to eyebrows, we believe that the best way to do this is to find a shape that works for you, regardless of trends - which will work to highlight a healthier, bolder and stronger you.

In this article, we’re going to break down how to find the best brow shape to frame your face, share some top tips on how to enhance your brows naturally and show you how some of our award-winning UKBROW products can help you along the way to boosting your super natural beauty.

1. Take note of your face shape
The best brow shape for you is ultimately down to your individual bone structure, and whilst this will be different for everyone, our faces are able to be roughly categorised into shapes. Below is a guide to the types of eyebrows that tend to suit each face shape: 

Square face - For those with square faces that tend to be slightly sharper, counteracting the geometry of the face with softer and more rounded brows works best.

Round face - If you are working with a softer and rounder face shape, a stronger and more angular brow helps add definition and will be best at framing the face.

Rectangular face - Those with more rectangular or longer faces might be best to opt for straighter brows to balance out the vertical face shape with a more horizontal brow shape.

Triangular face - Those with triangular faces are best suited to straighter-shaped brows that sit low. These will work to widen the top part of the face, working in a balance against the wider jawline.

Heart Face - Bolder and fuller brows tend to suit those with heart shaped faces as the widest part is around the cheek and brow area; giving plenty of space for statement-making brows.

Diamond face - Similar to those with square-shaped faces, diamond-shaped faces best suit softer and more rounded brows to counteract the sharper, geometrical lines of the face.

Oval face - Sitting somewhere between a rectangular and round face shape, those with oval-shaped faces best suit a straighter brow with a slight arch to balance out the softness of their face shape.

    2. Use an Eyebrow Serum daily to fill in your natural shape
    Enhancing your super natural beauty is a part of our brand DNA here at UKLASH. And what better way to find out what brow shape suits you best than by filling out what you naturally have? Our award-winning Eyebrow Serum can help you along the way; applying a string of active ingredients, such as Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Green Tea extract, and Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, directly to the brows to help stimulate growth and achieve a thicker and fuller brow shape. After the initial 6-12 weeks of daily application, where 86% saw thicker-looking brows, it is time to go in with tweezers and tidy them up with a style that suits your face shape.

    3. Keep in proportion
    When it comes to your brows - size matters. It’s important to keep in mind the size of your face and to work within those proportions. If you have a petite face, you don’t want larger brows to overpower you. But be careful - just because you have a larger face doesn’t mean you need brows to match; it’s best to keep the size of your face in the back of your mind when using the face shape guide above to determine a brow shape that will suit you best.

    4. Use an Eyebrow Pencil to map out the three points
    A key part of understanding the perfect brow shape for you is by mapping out your brows. This is a simple method that helps to determine where your brows should start, end and arch and can help you to figure out areas in which you can try to encourage growth using our best-selling Eyebrow Serum, to create the most ideal brow shape for you. When mapping out your brows, our Brow Pencil works as the perfect companion. Place the pencil vertically at the side of your nose and use this as a guide to where the innermost part of your brow should sit. Next, turn the pencil at an angle that sits below your eye’s pupil - this is where the arch of your brow belongs. Finally, turn the angle of your pencil even further so it frames the outer part of your eye and use this as a guide for where your brows should end. Once you’ve conducted your brow map, use our much-loved Brow Pencil to shape and define your brows, using its buildable, cream-based formula and ultra-fine tip to fill in any sparse areas with hair-like strokes.

    5. Avoid over-tweezing
    Our Brow Experts say that when it comes to tweezing, sometimes less is more. The goal is to keep the brow area tidy, rather than giving your brows a complete overhaul. The best way to make sure you don’t take too much away is to avoid removing any hairs along the brow bone and focus more on grooming stray hairs that may be sitting between your brows, further up towards your forehead, along the temples and on your eyelids.

    Figuring out the best brow shape for you is the first step in achieving your best brows yet and unleashing your super natural beauty. Once you’ve used our Eyebrow Serum to fill out your natural brows and have settled on a shape, the hard work is done. Simply follow up with products in your make-up routine such as our Brow Gel Sculpt to set your brows in place, Brow Pomade to shade and fill, and our Brow Pencil to define your brow hairs, finishing your look and bringing the best out of your brows - resulting in a stronger, bolder and healthier you.
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