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Dry hair products for winter 101

Did you know that its National Winter Skin Relief Day? So many of us deal with super dry skin due to the cold weather. This can ultimately cause rashes, eczema, irritation and more.

If you’re currently suffering with dry skin due to cold weather, keep reading for how to keep skin hydrated, all year long with UKLASH. In this article you will discover why dry skin in winter happens and exactly how to keep hydrated this season and beyond. 

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Dry skin in winter can be attributed to the cold air not agreeing with sensitive skin. But this can be easily managed with proper skin care. Yet, excessively dry skin may lead to complications. So if you’re worried, its always best to consult your Doctor!

Causes of dry skin in winter: 

  • Sun exposure 
  • Low humidity 
  • Irritating clothes 
  • Prolonged hot showers 
  • Repeated hand washing 
  • Contact with allergens 
  • Nutritional deficiencies 
  • Lack of moisture 

Exactly how to keep skin hydrated This Winter

  • Dont ignore a dry scalp

    With the cooler temperatures causing dryness, you might start to experience flakes, even if you don't have dandruff during the rest of the year. Thankfully, switching to a scalp-balancing shampoo or incorporating our Hair Growth Serum into your routine can help minimize the flakes.

    • Switch to hair-hydrating products

      It's true: your shampoo can be too good at cleaning your hair. While harsh cleansers like surfactants in shampoos make hair feel squeaky clean, they're also causing further dryness. Now, we know not many of us can’t just reduce our hair wash routine, so why not try our UKLASH Hair Vitamins for healthier hair this season? 

      • Try a silk pillowcase 

        Did you know that regular pillowcases can create friction on your hair, leading to dry and damaged ends which only tend to get worse in the winter? So, why not try switching out your regular pillowcase for a silk pillowcase? Better yet, why not try tying your hair up at night with a silk bobble and a sturdy Headband to ensure no flyaways can be irritated by your pillow? 

        Winter hairstyles perfect for the end of 2022

        Straight hair 

        Dry hair products winter 2022, winter hairstyles, winter hair, dry hair, UKLASH

        Looking for staple winter hairstyles for straight hair? The classic plat is back in full force. If you’re anything like us, we mastered our platting skills years ago, and it's time to put them to good use again. 

        Make a centre part in the middle of your hair and draw your hair back into a low ponytail. Secure tightly and spray some hairspray to set. Run our UKLASH Growth Serum through the ends of your hair to provide support and a glossy texture. Separate into three pieces, plat and secure with a bobble. If you like the wispy look, pull a few strands of the front of your hair out for an effortless winter hairstyle. 

        Curly hair 

        Dry hair products winter 2022, winter hairstyles, winter hair, dry hair, UKLASH

        Curly hair can be tricky to style for winter, as the cold air and harsh weather can really dry out your curls. If you struggle with this, why not try the classic claw clip style? Yes, it works on curly hair too!

        Make a centre part in the middle of your hair and decide which strands you want to leave out at the front. Pull out a few strands near your temples and tuck them behind your ears. Make sure you moisturise the left-out strands to ensure they retain their shape. Grab the rest of your hair at the back of your head, twist in an upward motion and secure it with your favourite claw clip.

        Afro hair 

        Dry hair products winter 2022, winter hairstyles, winter hair, dry hair, UKLASH

        Afro hair comes in so many different textures, making it perfect for striking winter hairstyles. 

        Part your hair in the middle and brush your coils back into a mid-low bun. Slick your edges and parted hair with hair gel to ensure it remains in place. You can either create a low bun, or leave your hair in a pony to create a gorgeous bushy effect. Going to an event? Why not add on some stick-on hair charms or add hair glitter for the festive season. 

        Say goodbye to Winter dry skin and hair with UKLASH

        So, now that you know the dry skin products for winter you need, we have you covered, right here at UKLASH

        We have +40,000 testimonials from around the globe for our lash serums, brow serums, and hair serums and how they have encouraged hair, lash and eyebrow growth. Not only restoring healthy hair but more importantly, your confidence too. 

        Refresh your hair with the best in hair supplements from UKLASH!

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