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What Happens Next? - How To Keep Healthy Lash Growth Going

At UKLASH, enhancing super natural beauty is a part of our DNA. To do this, we design products that help you to achieve longer, stronger and healthier eyelashes. We understand what it takes to keep growth going and want you to know that we’re here with all the advice you need, every step of the way.
Below we’ve broken down our top tips to keep your lashes longer and fuller after using our #1 rated Eyelash Serum daily for the initial 12-week process. Before we get started, it’s important to get to grips with the lash growth cycle.

Understanding the Lash Growth Cycle
There are three stages in the lash growth cycle; Anagen, Catagen and Telogen.

  • The Anagen Phase is the first step in the cycle. This is when the lashes are growing, hence it being referred to as The Growth Phase. They then move into…
  • The Catagen Phase. This is also known as the Transitional Phase as it is when the lashes have been disconnected from the blood supply and stop growing.
  • The Telogen Phase, which is also referred to as the Resting Phase, is when the hairs stay in their follicles and eventually detach, making way for new growth when the cycle begins again.


Ways to Stimulate Growth

  • Continue using an Eyelash Serum - ​​Our #1 rated Eyelash Serum is packed with active ingredients, such as Vitamin B5 (Panthenol), Green Tea extract, and Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, all of which help to achieve visibly longer and fuller lashes. But what happens after the initial 12 weeks of daily application? We recommend switching to an eyelash maintenance mode by applying only two to three times per week, which will help to maintain the length and nourishment of your lashes for the long term. When it comes to applying lash serum, it’s not a case of quantity but rather consistency, meaning it’s best to stick with your routine and apply when needed, rather than over-applying the product which can lead to build-up and can potentially stop the effects of the serum. It’s also good to note that in the same way that when you start to use the serum it takes your lashes time to adjust and lengthen depending on where they are in the lash growth cycle, they also take time to wind down once you stop using it, meaning you may still see longer lashes for around 12 weeks after use. Your lashes will then return to their original condition prior to using a serum.
  • Eat a whole-food diet - A great way to keep up your eyelash maintenance is by making sure your body is getting all the vitamins and nutrients it needs through a balanced diet. Protein-rich foods play an important part in stimulating eyelash growth as our hair follicles are mostly made of protein; more specifically a protein called Keratin which makes up around 80-85% of our hair follicles. Consuming biotin and protein can stimulate Keratin production, and in-turn stimulate eyelash growth. Eggs contain high levels of biotin and protein and are important to work into your diet, as well as lean meats, legumes, dairy products and dairy alternatives.
  • Keep eyelashes clean - Making sure to remove all make-up and daily build-up every night is key to keeping your lashes healthy and to stimulate eyelash growth. If unnecessary dirt and bacteria sit around the lash root, it can build up and stop nutrients from getting into your lash line, preventing any potential eyelash growth. Also, by sleeping with mascara on, your lashes are likely to become dry, brittle and prone to breaking off, limiting any potential lash growth. Using a gentle oil-free cleanser, such as our Lash & Brow Wash, each night will help to keep your lashes clean and will lock in moisture through its innovative formula which contains nourishing Aloe Vera and Fennel Seed Extract.
  • Comb your lashes - Regularly combing your lashes can prevent tangling and can assist them in growing straight. Also, it can distribute natural oils that may be sitting at the lash root to move up the length of the lash, helping the hair follicles to stay moisturised and nourished. Our Lash Separator offers a simple-to-use comb that is carefully crafted in a c-curve to sit within your lash line comfortably and reach every hair to define and detangle your lashes.


Ways to avoid lash loss

  • Use a gentle make-up remover - Using a make-up remover that’s kind to your skin and lashes can help prevent unnecessary fallout and help in achieving fuller-looking lashes. Our Lash & Brow Wash is packed with active ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Fennel Seed Extract and Citric Acid, which work as anti-inflammatories and gentle exfoliators to softly melt away make-up and mascara and leave you feeling nourished and moisturised, resulting in healthier, longer and fuller-looking lashes.
  • Forget the false lashes - Although wearing fake lashes may seem like a quick and easy fix to a longer and fuller-looking lash look, they can cause damage in the long term. False lashes tend to be heavy, weighing down on your natural lashes and making them vulnerable to breakage and fallout. Also, when wearing false lashes, you may be inclined to tear them off when you're finished using them, pulling some of your natural lashes out alongside the false ones, preventing you from achieving the longer and fuller-looking natural lashes you desire.
  • Use eyelash curlers correctly - Some may say that using Eyelash Curlers are damaging for lashes, however, at UKLASH we believe that if you use them correctly, they can help you achieve a longer-looking and lifted lash look without the damage. Working with a clean Eyelash Curler and clean lashes (this is important to avoid mess and potential lash loss through the contamination of bacteria and potential pull-out of the lashes), gently use the Eyelash Curler to press down around 4-5 times at the root and then again at the tip, making sure not to press too hard or fast. For more details on how to curl your lashes correctly, read our article on the topic here.
  • Take breaks from lifting and tinting - Getting your lashes regularly lifted and tinted is a great way to highlight your long and luscious lashes. However, it can be as addictive as getting lash extensions and can have damaging effects on your lashes if used continuously. The effects of a lift and tint will last as long as your natural lash cycle, and the temptation to repeat the process will be strong once your lashes start to drop. However, we recommend waiting a minimum of 6 weeks between treatments and waiting a little longer after repeating the process 2-3 times. This will give your lashes time to breathe and recover from the treatment and will avoid any long-term damage to your lashes.


Once you’ve started your super natural beauty journey, we know you’ll never look back. Using products such as our Lash & Brow Wash, Eyelash Serum and Lash Separator will help to keep your lashes consistently cleansed and nourished - resulting in a healthier, bolder and stronger you that lasts.

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