5 Myths and Truths About Eyelash Serums

There’s a lot of information out in the world about lash serums and everything to do with eyelashes - but how much of it is true? Today we’ll bust five common eyelash serum myths that people fall for, and cover the actual facts of lash serums.

MYTH #1: Your lashes get worse than before if you stop using a lash serum.

There is no evidence to support this, at all. There are plenty of other beauty habits and routines that could be damaging to eyelashes, and lash serum isn’t one of them. Because of the nature of the natural eyelash growth cycle, you have to keep using it if you want to keep your lashes long and luscious - but going without lash serum isn’t going to make them worse than before! 

For those who stop using lash serums for whatever reason, it can be a bit of a shock to see your regular lashes come back after a couple of months. Depending on how used you are to your enhanced lashes, it can look as though your lashes getting ‘worse’. The truth is, they’re returning to how they looked pre-serum!

MYTH #2: Lash serums create new hair follicles

Lash serums cannot make new hair follicles appear, but it can sometimes make it look that way. How? Well, a lash serum can only work with what’s there, and sometimes what’s there isn’t necessarily visible to us. You would be surprised to know that most people do have fine lash hairs that aren’t as obvious when a serum isn’t used - these are usually ones closer to the inner and outer corners of the eye.

Lash serum works by boosting the growth of all lashes - so some finer, thinner lashes that you may not have noticed before are suddenly much more obvious, making it look like they’re entirely new growth! This makes your lashes look thicker and longer than they would without lash serum.

MYTH #3: Lash serums don’t do anything at all - they’re placebo

There are a lot of sceptics out there that think lash serums are just an exercise in marketing a specific product, but they couldn't be more wrong. While not all lash serums are made equal, lash serums are specifically designed to affect lashes - some just have better results than others.

Some lash serums contain ingredients like plant oils and other moisturisers to condition the lashes themselves, and that can go a long way improving lash growth by preventing brittle lashes and breakage. This type of serum typically improves the length of the eyelashes but doesn't have much effect starting at the hair root.

More cosmetically complex lash serums usually contain a combination of conditioning, follicle growth, and circulation enhancing ingredients to strengthen lashes right from the root for more dramatic and effective results.

MYTH #4: Lash serums are unsafe because they’re banned in certain countries

Like any cosmetic, lash serums are subject to complying with the local rules and regulations of where they are sold. The fears over ‘banning’ lash serums recently came to light when authorities in Australia took Latisse lash serum off the shelves for over the counter purchase, as one of the ingredients is considered a prescription only medication. Lash serums are not dangerous to use, nor is this a true ban on lash serums.

MYTH #5: Applying lash serum multiple times a day will make it work faster

It's incredibly tempting to keep reapplying lash serum because obviously more equals better, right? Wrong - when it comes to lash serum, it is a long process that takes a while to see results. Why? Lash serums need time to affect eyelashes at the root to help boost their growth. It's not like mascara, where coats = a more dramatic change in lashes!

When you over apply lash serum, you also run the risk of causing mild irritation to your eyelids from constantly sweeping the brush over your lash line, and possibly building up a lash serum residue on your eyelashes - um, ew. Just follow the instructions and apply once a day - patience is key to seeing great results!

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