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6 Hacks For Our Brow Trio

Our eyebrows make up a huge part of our everyday beauty routine, with a change in shape, fullness or colour having the power to redefine and frame our face.

Our products help to perfect your super natural beauty routine and create a stronger, fuller and bolder brow look. 
Versatility is a vital part of our product development process and we’re passionate about making products that help you achieve more with minimal effort and quick application. Our selection of Sets & Kits allows you to collage your beauty essentials into practical packs whilst saving you 10% at the checkout. 

One of our most famous is the Brow Trio Set. Combining three products that promise to give your brows a glow-up, it includes the Gel Sculpt for setting, the Pomade for shading and the Pencil for defining hairs and creating your desired shape.
But there’s so much more to this essential brow trio. Below we have come up with the ultimate hacks to make them work harder and have highlighted even more ways to incorporate them into your everyday beauty routine:


UKBROW TIPS & TRICKS We love a multiuse product here at UKLASH, so here is Isabella, our Social Exec, explaining top tips when using our UKBROW Trio ✨ Get all three products for just £37 in our brow trio set. 🛒Happy Shopping!

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Brow Gel Sculpt

To achieve a laminated look…Make the most out of the Brow Gel Sculpt’s dual-ended design. First, apply the clear-drying gel against the hair’s natural direction. This will help to add volume and create fullness in the brow. Follow up with either the finer or wider brush that’s hidden within the Brow Gel Sculpt’s lid and comb hairs in their natural direction to smooth down and finish the look, resulting in volumised brows with a slick, laminated effect.

To slick back flyaways in your hairline…Use the clear-drying gel to perfect your slick bun or ponytail look. Firstly, open up your Brow Gel Sculpt and remove any excess product from the brush. Then proceed to comb stray hairs, guiding where you would like them to sit for a sleek look that lasts all day. 


Brow Pencil

To use as a shaping guide…draw in three key dots with the pencil before making hair-like strokes. Firstly, place the pencil vertically to the side of your nose, and draw a dot on the inner-most part of your brow. Then, turn the pencil at an angle that crosses through your eye’s pupil and draw your second dot. Lastly, turn your pencil at an even wider angle so it frames the outer part of your eye and draw your final dot. These three dots will represent the front, the arch and the end of your brow which you can then use as a guide when filling in with hair-like strokes to create the perfect brow shape for your face!

To create a soft girl freckled make-up look…use the UKBROW Pencil’s ultra-fine tip to create faux freckles. Start at the bridge of your nose by dabbing onto the skin with the pencil, creating freckles of different shapes and sizes as this is how they appear naturally. Then, slowly fade out the frequency of the dabbing under your eyes and along your cheekbone towards your outer brow bone - these are the outermost parts of the face where the sun would hit and where freckles would naturally develop. Finish by gently patting with a make-up brush to create the perfect soft-girl spring make-up look.


Brow Pomade

To go from day to night make-up looks…use the UKBROW Pomade’s buildable, cream-based formula to go from a lighter look in the day to a bolder look at night. For a soft day look, start in the centre of your brow’s arch and draw short soft strokes towards the outer part of your brow using the angled brush provided, then work from the centre inwards to finish the look. When day turns to night, use the same method but instead work longer strokes to create a more dramatic finish, building up colour where necessary for your desired effect.

To create a smoky eye make-up look…use the UKBROW Pomade as an eyeliner. With the perfectly angled brush tip, glide along the upper lash line to create a dramatic eye look. Blend out the cream-based formula with your fingertips, gently working the product into your eyelid to enhance the smoky effect even further.

At UKLASH, we create products that make redefining your face and achieving your dream brows a breeze - and we believe our Brow Trio Set is a testament to this. Shop the kit today for 10% off and integrate the multi-tasking formulas into your super natural beauty routine!

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