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5 ways you’re damaging your lashes without realising

We all have some less than stellar beauty habits, but have you ever thought to think about how these are actually affecting you in the long term? When it comes to eyelashes, they can be pretty easily affected by anything to do with your eyes - here are some ways you might be damaging your eyelashes without even realising.

How to make eyelashes grow fast?

There are many ways to improve your eyelash growth cycles including diet, skincare routines and investing in a premium Eyelash Growth Serum

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5 Ways You’re damaging your lashes without realising


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1) Picking off lash extensions 

This is a habit that I’ve seen a lot of women do, and I’m so surprised by it! After picking somewhere to go and take a chance with eyelash extensions, I’ve seen women absentmindedly picking off their eyelash extensions just as casually as twirling their hair.

This is horrible for your lashes for the number one reason that you’re super likely to accidentally pull out your own natural lash with the extension. Lash extension glue is meant to be incredibly long-wearing and keep the extension attached to the natural hair for as long as possible - so when you pick at it, something has to give. Whether that’s the glue or the root of your natural lash, I don’t want to find out! 

This is the kind of habit that is especially damaging because now that lashes are already looking a little gappy, it’s tempting to even it out by pulling out even more. If you can’t live without your lash extensions, leave the removal to the experts!

2) Using a dirty eyelash curler

I know, all of us are guilty of letting that one sponge go a few too many times without washing, or that one face brush not get washed for weeks, but it’s a habit that needs to stop - and that includes letting your eyelash curler get grimy.

Eyelash curlers tend to get a buildup of eyeliner on them (not mascara - I hope you’re not using mascara before curling!) and that grime can well, get kind of sticky over time. If there’s enough buildup, it could potentially stick to your lashes and lead to some pretty awful results - as in, pulling out lashes!

Luckily, lash curlers are pretty easy to clean with some makeup remover on a cotton pad, or even with a makeup wipe - about once a week should be enough to stop any sticky grime from building up. It’s also important to check your lash curler pads, too. Over time, they can split and lashes can get caught and pulled out that way, too! Ideally, they should be replaced every three months.

3) Constantly rubbing your eyes

This is a big one, but a crucial one to stop. Rubbing your eyes is generally horrible for the entire eye area - seriously! Because the skin is so thin in the orbital area, excess tugging and pulling could exacerbate wrinkles, plus it can mess up your eyelashes - natural, false, and extensions!

That pressure and rubbing can accidentally pull out lashes, or straight up snap them off if they’re brittle and dry - so leave your eyes alone! If your eyes are feeling dry or irritated, there could be a medical reason such as allergies - in that case, consider using hydrating eye drops for relief.

4) Reusing dirty false eyelashes

This one is icky, but definitely, a common mistake that a lot of girls do! If you’re applying and removing false lashes properly, as in not ripping them off and thoroughly removing lash glue, they’re generally fine. And lashes can definitely be used more than once, depending on the quality. BUT, are the lashes being cleaned properly between uses?

Cleaning false lashes is a critical step for both natural lash and false lash care, but it can be tricky to clean lashes as the glue often dries down and looks invisible compared to the actual lash band. However, eyelashes can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water (baby shampoo is best!) and an oil-based makeup remover to help dissolve the glue. Once all the residue is off the lashes, they can be left in a clean, safe spot to dry before using them again.

Using a pair of eyelashes that haven't been cleaned since the last time they were worn isn't just germy and a potential cause of irritation, the glue build up makes it harder and harder to remove false lashes safely. Safely as in, without pulling any out.

5) Pulling while curling your lashes

While curling eyelashes is a pretty straightforward technique, there are a lot of variations that could go wrong for your lashes! When you’ve got all your lashes in the curler and are gently squeezing a curl into your lashes, your hand shouldn’t move or waver.

There are some tips out there that suggest gently pulling while curling for a perfect lash curve, but this is super risky for your lashes. Even the slightest movement could yank out a few! Always keep your hands steady and squeeze gently for perfect, fluttery lashes - no gaps from lashes being accidentally pulled out.

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How long do eyelashes take to grow back?

How long do eyelashes take to grow back, damaged lashes, UKLASH

It's safe to say that we all lose an eyelash here and there, and you probably don’t even notice. After all, we have around 90-160 eyelashes along your upper eyelid. So there’s no problem in missing an eyelash or two. However, if you start to notice a lot of eyelashes falling out in a short period of time, there may be an underlying issue. 

Dont worry, we have all the answers here at UKLASH. The good news is that eyelashes do grow back, but some factors can slow down the process. If you want to learn more, check out our article on “how long it takes for eyelashes to grow back”.

Say goodbye to damaged lashes

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