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How Do Eyebrow Serums Work?

If you’re trying to restore tragically overplucked eyebrows, a quality brow serum is your best bet for getting those brows back to their full and thick glory. While microblading is a great cosmetic option, if you don’t want to jump to a semi-permanent makeup straight away, giving brow serum a try is a great way to go.

Brow serum gives your brows the best chance to come back to their natural fullness—and if you really want to, add a little bit more definition and fullness with microblading. FYI, our brow serum is totally safe to use over semi-permanent makeup!

So wait, how does an eyebrow serum work in the first place? They do a few crucial things to help brows grow back better than they did before—and here’s how.

1) Eyebrow Serums Help Condition Brow Hairs

Here’s the thing about hair—it benefits from conditioning. Just like the hair on your head, brow hairs deserve a little bit of TLC from time to time to ensure that the hair is healthy and soft. You know how your hair feels really rough, and in extreme cases, even snaps off when it’ too dry?

The same thing can happen to your brow hairs. Applying brow products on an (almost) daily basis could make your brow hairs drier than you think—so it’s important to replenish that moisture with a conditioning brow serum. After all, if your brow hairs keep potentially snapping off, how are they supposed to grow thick and lush?

In our brow serum, we’ve included Panthenol and Hyaluronic Acid as our key moisturisers to keep the individual hairs from drying out.

2) Support Healthy Hair Growth from the Root

Just like with the hair on your head, eyebrow hair quality is determined by how healthy the root of the hair is. Here’s what I mean by that: the hair root is responsible for the strength of the hair that grows from it.

 If the root is damaged or isn’t able to utilise nutrients from the bloodstream to help grow healthy hair, unfortunately, you’re more likely to have issues with the hair itself. It might fall out sooner than it should or won’t grow as long and thick as it should.

That’s why our brow serum includes Swertia Japonica extract. This natural plant extract helps to support increased circulation, strengthening hair roots, and encouraging better absorption of nutrients from the bloodstream for healthier hair.

 3) Eyebrow Serums Thicken Existing Brow Hairs

Remember that myth of shaving off hairs to make them grow back thicker? Don’t worry, we’re not advocating for shaving off brows—why would we when there’s something in eyebrow serum for that? 

We’ve included Pentapeptide-17 in our brow serum solely for the purpose of thickening brow hairs. Just like with lashes, when your eyebrow hair is damaged, it’s brittle, thin, and sparse.

This peptide helps to repair damaged keratin—just a reminder, keratin is the protein that makes up our hair and nails.

Peptides help to restore keratin by acting as the building blocks of this hair protein. When hair is repaired by keratin, it looks much thicker than before. Plus, hair reinforced with keratin has the added bonus of being less likely to break or snap off, ensuring that your eyebrows stay full and thick.

4) Eyebrow Serums Slow Down the Hair Growth Cycle

This is one that not a lot of people think about but is super crucial to helping you get the fluffy, thick eyebrows of your dreams. Unlike eyelashes that have a two-month growth cycle, eyebrows have a three to four-month growth cycle.

Stretching out this growth cycle helps brows look fuller for longer. Here’s how: extending the growth cycle makes two crucial things happen to your brows. First, the brow hairs don’t fall out as quickly, and second, they get a chance to grow a bit longer than they normally would.

One of the key ingredients we rely on for this is Pumpkin Seed Extract. It actually works overtime by conditioning the hair and affecting the hair growth cycle at the same time. By using it to delay brow hairs falling out as long as possible (unfortunately, it’s impossible to stop them falling out completely) brows stay fuller and lusher for longer!

5) Can Brow Serums Help with Bald Patches?

However, there is one thing that brow serums can’t do—and that’s bringing back damaged hair follicles from the dead. There has to be a live hair follicle for the serum to work on, no matter how thin the strand itself has become from over plucking. Completely bald areas on brows might not be able to be rehabbed with a brow serum.  

However, that doesn’t mean a brow serum isn’t right for you. When the rest of the brow is full and healthy, it’s easier to hide any ‘imperfections’ like over plucked bald spots—especially with a little bit of microblading. Our advice is to leave eyebrows alone for at least three months (save for applying brow serum, of course!) to get your natural shape back, then evaluate if there’s anything else you need to do to get your best brows—ever. 

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