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How Do Eyelash Serums Work?

If you’re on the fence about lash serums because you’re not quite sure how they work, you’ve come to the right place. Lash serums are an amazing way to naturally get a gorgeous, full set of lashes without resorting to using eyelash glue, or paying for eyelash appointments every few weeks.


So, how does an eyelash serum work?

In the same way that you condition the hair on your head so it stays healthy and strong, your eyelashes need conditioning and care too. Some eyelash serums focus on strengthening the hair from root to tip, while some rely on harmful chemicals to boost lash growth, but ingredients like this aren’t always necessary to create full, lush lashes. Other notable ingredients include peptides, hyaluronic acid, and botanical extracts that are carefully combined to create a lash-growing super potion.

A well-formulated lash serum will deliver it's ingredients to both the root and length of the lashes - getting both are key to lash growth. Kind of like plants, the overall health of a single eyelash is determined by how healthy it is at its root. Lash growth serums are targeted to nurture the hair directly at the root, making the eyelash stronger and healthier overall. This leads to reducing lash fall, encouraging eyelash growth, and reducing lash breakage - all of which contribute to thin, sparse lashes.


Do these ingredients really work? 

Yes! That’s why you’ll find that a lot of eyelash serums tend to contain similar ingredients - but that doesn’t mean all eyelash serums are made equal. All of the ingredients in UKLash serum are specifically chosen for their lash-nourishing abilities - let’s go over a few now.

Swertia Japonica: A natural hair-growth remedy originating from Japan - Swertia Japonica Extract is commonly used to help slow down the effects of alopecia (aka baldness) by improving circulation, resulting in healthy hair growth. Improving circulation at the roots also helps to make all other amazing ingredients even more effective for full, fluttery lashes.

Pentapeptide-17: Our eyelashes are made of a protein called keratin - when the keratin itself is damaged, that's when our lashes look brittle and sparse. Peptides and amino acids are considered the very building blocks of protein, so including them in an eyelash serum encourages thicker eyelashes by repairing any damage, and preventing it from occurring in the first place.

Panthenol: Did you know that the shampoo brand Pantene is named for this very compound? Panthenol is an incredibly powerful moisturiser for both skin and hair and is a key component to growing lush, healthy eyelashes. Lashes can be easily dried out from the environment or even waterproof mascaras, so using panthenol keeps them moisturised and supple. In the long run, it keeps them looking fuller thanks to the moisture and less prone to breakage! 

Pumpkin Seed Extract: Pumpkin seed extract is an incredibly potent lash-boosting ingredient.   It's really a lash growth superstar! Naturally rich in fatty acids, zinc, and phytosterols, it intensely nourishes lashes and prevents them from falling out as easily. It encourages the lash to stay in the anagen phase, aka the growth phase for longer, boosting length and delaying the natural hair fall cycle.


What’s the best way to use an eyelash serum?

The ideal time of day to use an eyelash serum is as part of your nightly beauty ritual. This ensures that the lash serum has plenty of time to absorb into your lashes, completely undisturbed. It’s also perfect for ensuring your bottom lashes get enough serum too! There’s a small amount of transfer between your upper and lower lashes, ensuring your bottom lashes get a nightly dose of lash serum, all while you’re sleeping.

While it sounds like applying lash serum multiple times a day would be better, there’s no evidence to suggest that more applications are better for growing lashes. There’s only so much lash serum you can apply at once! Plus - you’ll just run out of lash serum before you need to! Instead, keeping application consistent (every night for at least 4 weeks) is ideal for supporting lash growth.


Should my lash serum have a thin brush or mascara wand?

For general lash conditioning, like using a product such as coconut oil, a mascara wand is fine. But again - that’s only for simple lash conditioning. For a targeted lash growth serum, a thin, eyeliner-like brush is much more ideal. It allows you to apply the product in close to the lash line, where it will be the most effective for growing lush, healthy eyelashes.

A thin brush also helps you control exactly how much to use at once - dip, swipe in one eye, then dip again and swipe the other. Voila, you’re done! It’s so easy to make this part of your nightly ritual - a simple habit that definitely pays off in the long run!

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