How Long Will the Results of an Eyelash Serum Last?

Picture this - you’ve been dutifully using your eyelash serum, and finally have the longer, thicker lashes that you’ve dreamed of. But here’s the thing - how long can you expect these results to stay?

Eyelash serums do need to be used regularly, or else your lashes will return back to their natural growth pattern. Here’s our guide to how long your lash serum will last and tips to maximise your results.

How Long Do I Need to Use a Lash Serum For?
When you first start out using a lash serum, it’s important that you give it enough time to start showing results in the first place. All the best beauty treatments take a bit of patience to show their best results.

In the case of lash growth, it has to do with how long the lash growth cycle takes. Your eyelashes spend different amounts of time in the growing phase, transition phase, resting phase and shedding phase.

It can take your hair growing through at least one or two full growth cycles for the results of your lash serum to take hold: longer and fuller lashes.

The best way to start using a lash serum for optimum results is to use it nightly for the first 12 weeks. This gives your lashes the best chance to grow and make the most of the boosting ingredients in a lash serum, such as pumpkin seed extract and other hair growth ingredients in the formula.

12 weeks is roughly the amount of time it takes for your lashes to go through one growth cycle and should leave you with visible results!

How Do I Maintain My Lash Results?
Once your lashes are looking fuller and longer, the next question is - how do i keep them looking that way?

Simply, you need to switch from growth mode to maintenance mode. In growth mode, it’s important that you apply your lash serum nightly. After three months of growth mode, it’s time to switch to maintenance.

Maintenance mode is applying your lash serum a few times a week to ensure that your eyelashes are still getting the nutrients they need to grow long and full. This can be done two or three times a week as part of your nightly skincare routine to maintain your lash growth results for as long as you use your lash serum.

Once My Lashes Have Grown, Can I Stop Using Lash Serum?
The short answer is, no.
Lash serums contain important ingredients that help to boost your lash growth, and continually applying them is important to maintaining the results that you’ve worked so hard for over the last 12 weeks.

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