Bold, Sassy HD Brows Without Microblading

Yaaas that’s right – you don’t need to get your brows done at a beauty salon because you can literally grow your own, at home – no need to go out unless of course you’ve seen some on fleek heels that you neeeed in your wardrobe. Then, get yourself out babe but not before you’ve dealt with your eyebrows and UKLASH can do all that for you (and more), just saying!

No More Microblading

OK, so every bae knows that to achieve HD Brows you need the right toolkit, but we’re not talking microblading, we’re talking serum. When you use UK LASH you’ll start seeing a noticeable difference to your brows in just 14 days (with incredible results after 30 days) when they start to like, own it. Thicker, fuller brows that literally slay and you need this serum especially if you have sparse brows that need some love.

No Eyebrow Fails!

How good would it be to stop filling in your brows with your make-up kit every morning? Who wouldn’t like ten more minutes of zzz’s instead of messing with fiddly brow-shadows and brushes? Do you suffer with brow mishaps? We’re talking about middle of the day when you go to check your reflection and find one brow looking well, kinda salty. It doesn’t even look related to the other because the brow make-up has faded and those baldy patches are visible again. Eyebrow fail! We’re gonna spill the tea…after a month’s worth of UKLASH this won’t happen again – why? It’s because you’ll have your own HD’s, no make-up, no messing, no problem!

Netflix & Chill…HD Brows are Growing…

So be a total beaut and a natural one at that! UK LASH safely encourages extra eyebrow growth where you want it, so you get fuller, thicker eyebrows. Just glide on one stroke of UKLASH along the natural shape of your eyebrows every night, then be patient babe (not easy, we know), soon that growth thing will start happening! Just Netflix and chill…

Once you’ve grown your perfect UKLASH HD brows, shape them the way you like them. Keep up the good work, continuing UK LASH serum every night will keep your brows thick, healthy, silky and hundo P better than anything you get at the beauty salon…

Hopefully you’re woke to HD brows so it’s time to try it for yourself…UKLASH is fire!

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