Do Lash Growth Serums Really Work?

I know what you’re thinking - is it true that lash growth serums really help to grow lashes? The truth is, they do work really well to support healthy lashes, whether that’s from the root or providing essential nutrients that boost lash growth. For anyone who wants to give their lashes a fluttery boost or recover from accidental eyelash damage, an eye serum is definitely a product that can help! Here’s what goes into a lash serum to make them work and how long you can wait before seeing real results. 

What is a Lash Serum?

Lash growth serums are created with formulas that enhance lash growth, whether that’s with the use of natural ingredients, plant oils, or prostaglandins. There’s a wide variety of ingredients that can come together to support your eyelash growth for lush, long eyelashes!

How Does a Lash Serum Work?

Lash serum usually have one of or both of these effects on eyelashes: conditioning eyelashes or stimulating hair growth.

Lash serums that focus on conditioning lashes can help make lashes appear longer. By conditioning eyelashes from root to tip with natural oils and other smoothing ingredients, eyelashes are less likely to become brittle and prone to breaking off - a common complaint that results in lashes looking shorter than they actually are. Conditioning lash serums give your eyelashes the best chance to grow as long as possible before starting the lash cycle again.

Growth stimulating lash serums take effect at the root of your lash, delivering ingredients that speed up hair growth so your eyelashes grow faster in the same period of time compared to eyelashes that haven’t had the same ingredients. One of the most common ways that eyelash serums boost lash growth is by extending one part of the lash growth cycle - the telogen phase.

The telogen is also called the growth phase, and by keeping your eyelash follicles in this phase for longer, a lash serum ensures that your lashes are able to grow as long and fluttery as possible.

How Long Do Lash Serums Take to Work?

As a general rule of thumb, it can take at least 12 weeks to see meaningful results from any lash serum - and while that sounds like a long time, it makes perfect sense when you think of how long the lash lifecycle can take. 12 weeks gives your eyelashes enough time to make the most of any eyelash serum that you use, whether it simply conditions your lashes from root to end or boosts your lash growth by holding your lashes in the growth part of the cycle for longer.

Are Lash Serums Safe to Use?

When used properly, lash serums are 100% safe to use. They’re formulated to be safe and non-irritation for both your eyes and the delicate eye area. Always follow eyelash serum instructions to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your eye serum - this usually involves applying the lash serum once a day at night, just before bed. It’s also recommended to avoid applying eyelash serum while you have contact lenses in - wait to take them out before applying your nightly eyelash serum for best lash results!

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